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How deserve to I assist youWhat can I carry out for yaLooking for that china whiteGirl that's so softIf I ain't obtained itI know where to discover itIf i can gain it for youBossHow a lot you gained in your budgetThe even more you buy the less it costsI can front you a couple of off the sideAs lengthy as your ass don't double crossYou crossed a lot of racoonsGet your cranium sawed offI got mouths to feed my niggaI can't afford to take no lossI have the right to offer your ass a numberIts as much as you to store it quiteYou can't be a punk around the hustleYou gotta store the money comingI'm out hereDealing via these suckersStopping the fake ass bustersThey stab your ass in the backThese brothers rotate on youI know when its gonna be a shortageHow lengthy this shortage expect to lastI ain't acquired the weather channelTo predict the forecastThe arrangement is hustlingCause there ain't no occupational thereAin't no jobSo they stuck in playing this gameAnd the following thing they gonna robBite the hand that feed emThat shit best tright here ain't y’allTwo confronted little ol’ heatherWorking via the lawMan no matter what you do for niggasThey ain't never gonna be satisfiedTell it favor it isMy whole thing is likeWhy dudes be letting cats acquire in their ear thoughIm simply telling it like it isI dont understand what the fuckHappened in between ‘96 approximately nowNigga is hoesI’ma tell it choose it isMan niggas is going out backwards manKillas are snitching my niggaWhats happening through thatTell it favor it isIf tright here was a snake it would certainly haveBite yaSee you’ve been adhering to so many nigga you wouldn't also recognize what hit yaNow you don't understand which way to lookYou dont really know which means to turnGot you trying to safeguard yourselfWith all the bridges you done burnedYou niggas cry to us nowadaysYou niggas feelings obtain hurt also easilyMight too wear a tampon can too be a breezyA closed mouth dont get fedAnd a lazy hustler don't get breadPimping i can't review mindsI dont recognize whats in your headEverybody think they understand it allDont wanna hear nobody speakShut the fuck up and also listen sometimeEven if you an o.GMe personally I'm a grinderCan't let no grass flourish under my feetDont nothing involved a sleeper but a dreamA vision without a arrangement is simply a hallucinationI gotta lotta folks in the penProgramming on vacationI'm gonna offer it to you straightI ain't gonna give it to you lateImma tell your ass whats realI ain't gonna tell ya nothing fakeMan i gained my very own dreamsEverybody desires me to finance theirsTell it prefer it isYou understand that i choose i prefer that boy 40 manHe’s two decades in the game and also he consistentIm just informing it prefer it is not all of them yet the majority of theseNew dudes is ringtone rappers manIma tell it like it isFools just have actually one album outAnd act like they just itTell it prefer it isSame song 3rd verseIts from the heart it ain't rehearsedThe human being is complete of associates yet extremely few friendsDon't wanna contribute nothingBut wanna help spfinish your endsThink prior to you rocking your mouthPark your tongue and lipWatching that you talkin roundNever recognize that you're having dinner withYou ain't acquired nopoint great to sayDont say nopoint at allThats what i was toldThat's what i was taught as soon as i was smallA lot of these so dubbed artists acquired as well a lot time on ya handShould be obtaining your moneyOnInstead of hating on the next manIts lonely at the topBut its next to crowded at the bottomThat's why I constantly store my pistol cockedIn instance i gotta sheight ‘emStinkter(3:03) in my lapTrunk full of slapHollering at ‘em back(3:06)Pocket complete of scrapsNothing however thousand stacksI’m old school acting a fool making myPresence knownI look at service challenge to faceDont choose to talk on phonesWhen i'm at a soptimal authorize or a red light I leave one carVoid in front of meTell it prefer it isJust so i could have actually enough room to get up outta thereJust in case someone try to pop at me or somethingTell it favor it isThats exactly how i was raisedI'm still a student of the gameYou could learn from a babyI'ma tell it choose it isMan i was hollering at my grand partnerHe said 40 return phone calls and you’ll save your friendsTell it like it isBitchYou 2 confronted ass motherfuckersI didn't just help produce my music motherfuckerI created itEverybody wanna recognize what the fuck mob music is nigga this is mob music niggaPoor ass motherfuckersBitch