love is a place& via this area oflove move(with brightness of peace)all places

yes is a world& in this human being ofyes live(skilltotally curled)all worlds

— from E.E. Cummings: Complete Poems 1904-1962, by e. e. cummings

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A bit love and yes for us all this particular day, from the quirky understand of word dance e. e. cummings.

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Even high school students required against their will certainly to review poetry for course are instantly attracted right into his surreal expression constructions, which regularly regulate to say so much even more than the most elegantly crafted lines of other poets.

I know you’re smiling after having actually review this brief poem. Try analysis it aobtain, this time even more slowly, letting the interpretation peek out from behind the words.

love is a place& via this area oflove move(through brightness of peace)all places

Love is a realm, and all places exist in love. They don’t simply exist in love, they move with love, they are animated and offered life by this all-encompassing love. It’s not just that everything is found tbelow and moves tbelow, but whatever moves “through brightness of peace,” as if all things are ennobled and move through a remembered inner clarity and feeling of self.

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yes is a world& in this people ofyes live(skillfully curled)all worlds

“Yes is a civilization,” and also in that world all worlds live. Yes is life-offering. Yes is the foundation of all worlds. Perhaps he is saying that yes is the great fiat. Anypoint that is or is ending up being, was born of some important affirmation.

That expression around how all human beings live “skillcompletely curled” in yes — among my favorites!

Notice also the interesting line breaks in this poem, especially the two pairings of “love move” and also “yes live”. Unconsciously we read them as finish statements, suggesting to us that love is somehow around motion and also that yes and life are one. Think about that for a bit…

Sfinishing love and yes to you all!

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