Eexceptionally Scrabble Player Should Know!

Not many Scrabble players realize just how crucial eight letter words are in the game. This is most likely because each player has actually seven letters on their rack, and so they think of a bonus as one wbelow they usage up all salso of their letters.

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This is true, of course, however if you weave those salso letters approximately an existing letter on the board, then your bingo is an eight letter word. Even less renowned, is the reality that eight letter bonus plays are actually playable more typically than sevens! In truth, they turn up about 30% even more regularly.

So if you agree that it"s essential to learn the high probability salso letter words, then you"ll agree that it"s also more vital to grasp the most generally occurring eight letter words in Scrabble. And that"s what I"ve put together below for you...

Which Thesaurus Have I Used?

All the words you check out in this list have the right to be found in Collins Official Scrabble Thesaurus, which is the main Scrabble dictionary endorsed by the World English Scrabble Players Association (WESPA). This is not, yet, the official dictionary supplied in North American Scrabble — below you usage the Official Scrabble Players Thesaurus.

To help accommoday all players I have color-coded the words appearing through their meanings dvery own below this word list. Words colored blue, are not welcomed in North Amerihave the right to Scrabble. The various other words are playable everywhere. I hope that isn"t too confmaking use of.

Oops! Tright here I go again. Rambling on around conventions and whatnots, while you"re yelling "Less TALK, even more WORDS!!". Ok, ok, below they are currently...

Top Eight Letter Words (1-50)

Now you"ll most likely alert that my list is not in alphabetical order. That"s bereason I"ve put the words in order of probcapability, with the most most likely words showing up first. And considering that words comprised of the same collection of letters have specifically the exact same probcapability of being attracted from the tile bag, this likewise implies that anagrams, like GRATINEE and INTERAGE, show up together in the list.


And, as soon as you"ve mastered those, here is the following installment...


Because producing this web page numerous years earlier, the main Scrabble word list has changed, and the lists you view right here are not 100% correct.

The great news is, I"ve currently produced a totally up-to-date list, not only of the height 100 eight letter words, however of the peak 500 eight letter words! I"ve formatted them all in a really easy-to-research method that readers are loving.

Just click the image below and also obtain the ePublication as a downloadable pdf...

Top Eight Letter Words (51-101)


What do all these eight letter words mean?

Finally, simply in situation you were wondering whether any of these weird looking eight letter words are real, right here is a brief interpretation for eextremely eight letter word showing up on this page.

Also, as I promised at the start, I"ve highlighted in BLUE the words that are not valid Scrabble words in North America.

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In other words, if you"re from The United States and Canada, DO NOT play the blue words - the others are fine. Everybody else, learn and play every one of them ;-)

ACTIONERa film with a lot of activity AERATIONexpocertain to the activity of air AEROLITEa meteorite AILERONSAILERON, a balancing flap on a aeroplane ALERIONSALERION, in heraldry, an eagle displayed without feet or beak, likewise ALLERION ALIENORSALIENOR, one who transfers property ANEROIDSANEROID, a type of barometer ANOESTRIANOESTRUS, a duration of sexual dormancy, likewise ANESTRUS ANOINTERone who anoints (to consecrate with oil) ANORETICone affected via loss of appetite ANTERIORin front ANTIHEROa principal character that lacks noble characteristics ARENITESARENITE, rock composed of sand also grains AROINTEDAROINT, to frighten amethod, additionally AROYNT ARSENITEa chemical salt ARSONITEone who maliciously lights fires, likewise ARSONIST ASTEROIDa rocky object discovered in orbits ASTONIEDASTONY, to amaze or shock, additionally ASTONISH, ASTONE ATROPINEa medication acquired from the deadly nightshade, likewise ATROPIN, ATROPIA AUNTLIERAUNTLY, like an aunt BARITONEa deep male voice, likewise BARYTONE CREATIONsomething that is developed DATURINEa poichild DELATIONthe act of delating DERATIONto complimentary from rationing DETAINERthe unlawful withholding of another"s home DETRAINSDETRAIN, to alight from a train DONARIESDONARY, a point provided to sacred usage DOUANIERa custom-house officer EARSTONEa tough mass that creates in the inner ear ELATERINa chemical compound ELATIONSELATION, a feeling of good joy ENTAILERone who involves (to restrict inheritance to a mentioned line) ENTRAILSENTRAIL, to interlace ERGATOIDworker-like ERIONITEa kind of mineral ETAERIOSETAERIO, an aggregated fruit choose a blackberry GELATIONthe procedure of gelling GERANIOLan alcohol supplied in perfumes GRATINEEto prepare with a crust IDEATIONthe act of ideating IDOLATERone that worships idols, also IDOLATOR IGNAROESIGNARO, an ignorant perboy INDURATEto make hard INERTIAEINERTIA, the tendency of a body to stand up to acceleration INORNATEnot ornate INSOLATEto reveal to the sun"s rays INTERAGEincluding civilization of various periods IODINATEto treat through iodine, additionally IODATE LARNIESTLARNEY, of apparel, smart LATRINESLATRINE, a form of toilet LEGATIONthe sending of an official envoy NOTARIESNOTARY, a public official who can certify records NOTARISEto attest to as a notary, likewise NOTARIZE OBTAINERone that obtains ONERIESTONERY, stubborn and mean-spirited ORDINATEto ordain ORGANDIEa cotton fabric, additionally ORGANDY ORGANISEto develop right into an organic totality, likewise ORGANIZE ORIENTALan inhabitant of an eastern country ORIENTEDORIENT, to acquaint via details of a instance ORIGANESORIGANE, marjoram, also ORIGAN OUTRAISEto surpass in increasing RANDIESTRANDY, lustful RATIONEDRATION, to distribute in resolved amounts RATLINESRATLINE, one of the ropes forming the steps of a ladder on a ship, likewise RATLIN, RATLING, RATTLIN, RATTLINE REACTIONthe act of reacting REANOINTto anoint aacquire REGIONALsomething that serves as an area REINSTALto instal aget, also REINSTALL RELATIONan association between civilization or things REOBTAINto attain aget RESINATEto treat via a viscous substance, additionally RESIN RESONATEto resound (to make an echoing sound) RETAINEDRETAIN, to save possession of RETINALSRETINAL, a pigment in the retina, also RETINENE RETINULAa neural receptor of an arthropod"s eye ROSINATEa resinate RUINATEDRUINATE, to damage RUINATESRUINATE, to ruin SAUTOIREa heraldic architecture, additionally SALTIRE, SALTIER, SAUTOIR SEDATIONthe reduction of stress by sedatives SENORITAan unmarried Spanish girl or woguy SEROTINEa European bat SOTERIALpertaining to salvation STEARINEthe solid percent of a fat, additionally STEARIN STRAINEDSTRAIN, to exert to the utthe majority of TABORINEa tiny drum, likewise TABORET, TABORIN, TABOURET TAENIOIDlike a tapeworm TAILERONa part of a two-piece tailairplane TAILOREDTAILOR, to fit with apparel TAURINESTAURINE, a chemical compound TENTORIATENTORIUM, a sheet of the dura mater TENURIALpertaining to a tenure TOENAILSTOENAIL, to fasten through obliquely driven nails TRAINEESTRAINEE, one who receives training TREENAILa wooden peg used to fasten timber, additionally TRENAIL, TRUNNEL TRENAILSTRENAIL, a wooden peg supplied to fasten wood, likewise TREENAIL, TRUNNEL URANITESURANITE, a mineral URINATEDURINATE, to discharge urine URINATESURINATE, to discharge urine

That"s it? But I was just obtaining into it ;-(

Well, I"ve put together tons more word lists and Scrabbly sources for subscribers. It"s all free. Just enter your details, click the switch, and also you"ll have your hands on them in a couple of secs...