EDIT:Because I am admittedly a disastrous communicator, Another User Versispellis was sort sufficient to action in and aid everyone make feeling of what I was saying. This is EXACTLY the point I was trying to make, So i"m simply going to write-up Versispellis"s short article here at the height.I think OP may not have worded the suggest as successfully as it might have actually been, which has caused the majority of confusion. I obtain what they"re driving at though.Here"s my experience. I said this in one more threview as soon as freshly, so I"m going to be repeating myself. I play a lot of of the content through a frifinish. We"ve been working on those shareable overland quests lately--picking a map, and knocking out the chain of searches in an evening or two. Being able to group up and progression together isn"t an issue. The disaffix comes from the reality that, as OP said, all of the searches are written incredibly explicitly for one player. NPCs don"t acunderstanding that you weren"t the just perkid in the room, and also we"re each having our own sepaprice conversations. We have the right to take the pursuits in totally different directions if we don"t micromanage our individual decisions. It gets also sillier in escort situations, wbelow we"ll have two duplicates of a distinctive NPC following us around. Our characters aren"t partners working together on a quest--instead, we"re properly playing alone, with the scant ability to see the ghold impacts of one another"s individual pursuits. It"s bad. It"s not as good as it might be. The reality that it"s not distinct to ESO and also is seen in some other MMOs doesn"t make it less badOriginal Post -- I can see why a lot of didn"t get what I was saying now.Somepoint I just don"t gain via MMOs. The goal is for the many part to play through friends, so why are these games (ESO no acception) developed in a way that renders playing through friends a ROYAL PAIN IN THE A**!?If I wanted single player questing wright here I was the single hero everytime - I"d play a single player game, prefer skyrim.Not just is it already confutilizing as to what game packeras you need to so you deserve to play through your friend, what alliance to pick so you begin in the very same location as your frifinish (made even more confusing with morrowind - and also more than likely summerset) But then you can"t even appropriately share searches, rather your simply walking about via eachvarious other hitting the exact same switches.Some quests you deserve to "share" some you can not, some are completed, some not, some are factivity, some are primary....on and on. It"s so confutilizing.

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It seems needlessly so.I"d love to see an upday in the future that transforms the means this is handled, so that friends can genuinely play together through the game.