You’ve most likely heard it on the radio or checked out the music video. We are of course talking around the monster hit “The Fox”. Tens of millions have actually viewed the video starring Ylvis. The song is provided on the Billboard charts and iTunes, and yesterday the guys behind the hit saw the renowned Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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The 2 brothers Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker – aka Ylvis – more than likely collection Norwegian document in the international spreview of a music video. “The Fox” was initially created their talk display “I kveld med Ylvis” (Tonight with Ylvis), and the boys have actually made many type of music videos in previous periods.

– “The Fox’” popularity is past our expectations – and also it has actually been a blast. Now, it is sort of living its own life and also we continue to work-related through the programs we are going to make this autumn, states production manager of Concorde TV (Ylvis’ very own production company) Emilie Øien Fretland also to

See video at bottom of short article.

Yesterday, the males attfinished the famous talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Sjust how via Ellen DeGeneres.

(short article continues)– I don’t understand a lot around Normeans, yet I guess marijuana is legal tbelow, sassist a humorous Ellen the day before their visit. – It’s the most amazing video I’ve watched in a long time. The song does not leave my head, she continued.

– It’s cool that people like the points we make. We’re currently deep into new manumanuscript preparations, so we attempt not to think also a lot around “The Fox” right now. But of course, this is extremely fun, states Bård Ylvisåker to TVNorge.

But have we learned what the fox actually say? It might sound weird, yet have you ever heard a fox?

The fox is actually a mammal belonging to the Canidae family. You would think that the fox shelp “woof” or something, however that might not be even more from the fact. The sound can best be described as a human scream, a sharp beep-like noise, or comparable to a hyena’s laugh.

Still not convinced? See the well-known video at the bottom of the short article.

“The Fox” was produced by Stargate and also Ola Martin Hafsmo has directed the video.

Internationwide media about the video:

Billboard: Some observers define the song as a reactivity to the overblown EDM scene. Others think it’s simply ordinary nonfeeling. Regardless, the clip is going substantial.

CNN: It’s only a matter of time before “The Fox” hits Top 40 radio and clubs, eventually making way for years of enjoyment at wedding receptions and also bar mitzvahs.

USA Today: Move over, PSY. Your 15 minutes are done. The following viral music-video sensation looks like The Fox from Norwegian brvarious other duo Ylvis.

Entertainment Weekly: Internet, meet the new Harlem Shake. ‘What does the fox say?’

MSN: Animal sounds music video is the strangest thing we’ve viewed all day.

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Huffington Post: Spreview the word about the fox, put on your suit and animal head, and rotate this dance into the following Gangnam style. Please, we beg you. It’s too good.