Whenever before I go to steam reviews for both games, in Era of wonders review tright here is "Better than EL." In Limitless Legfinish evaluation I see "Better than Period of Marvels 3." I understand also it's subjective yet which execute you think is the better game and why? I believed I'd ask this of civilization who might have actually more endure via 4x in general considering I'm posting on the sub.

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I've obtained both. I can say EL is a bit even more concentrated on empire building and controlling, while AoW3 is even more concentrated on tactical battles. EL has some distinctive races that are excellent fun to play, AoW on the various other hand supplies great liberty in creating your own leader (race/class/magic combo). Both have good lore. In EL each faction has actually its very own quest system, in AoW tright here are campaigns. Anvarious other point I favor around AoW: PBEM. Enables you to play a slow multiplayer game and also integrate it through a busy schedule.

I recognize EL gets a lot of love, however I really wasn't a fan. The diplomacy is a joke and also the other factions don't seem also enticed to perform much of anypoint besides clear up land also in the beforehand game without me provoking them. To me it feels favor the game is waiting to react to me instead of producing a world I need to react to. Idk, simply an alternate opinion I assumed I would certainly share. To each their own!

I have a couple of dozen hours in EL and around ten times that in AoW3.

Pros and cons of each...

EL pros:

Unique aesthetics/art style

Relatively famous so you can even more quickly convince friends to play

More comparable to Civ in that there's more depth/focus on empire building

EL cons:

Weak combat system

Weaker AI

Mediocre game design

With regards to this last suggest, IMO it's extremely crucial to note that if you don't play MP or look for to find the ideal strategies/check out the utmany depth of the game, then you won't notice any type of glaring fregulations. EL has many good ideas and on the surface level it fits together great; but, it lacks any kind of strategic or tactical depth for players that look for to play with the ideal strategies/strategies. If you intfinish to simply play casually you won't notification the majority of of these concerns.

AoW3 pros:

Great combat mechanism (combat focused game)

Great MP mechanism (PBEM mode lets you spfinish 5-10 minutes per turn a day so you don't have to sit through hours to end up a game)

High level of faction selection and depth (9 races with 7 classes; tright here are dozens of race/class combinations and also you have the right to better subspecialize through magic spheres)

Good amount of action each turn (i.e. hardly ever are tright here times wright here you sit there just pressing end rotate without anypoint extensive to do)

Relatively well-designed

AoW3 cons:

Combat focus in AoW3 implies that the empire structure facet is tright here mainly to facilitate conquest

Designed for relatively "short" games (1.5 - 8h+, which equates into 40 - 100+ turns depending upon the number of players)

IMO AoW3 is a far better made game and appeals to people who liked HoMM. It succeeds at what it is intended to perform while EL is mediocre in many respects (though again, this is just visible if you are the kind of player that seeks to check out the uta lot of depth of the game or play MP).

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I'd just recommfinish EL over AoW3 if you are seeking a game comparable to Civ and you don't care about maximizing your gameplay.