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Ethanol, CH3CH2OH(l), and also water, H2O(l), are mixed in equal quantities at 25°C and 1 atm. Mixing various prosections of ethanol and water create various enthalpy values. At low concentrations of water or ethanol, solvation is exothermic, however for mixing equal quantities, it is endothermic. Which of the adhering to is a logical interpretation of this observation? Mixing liquids that create the very same form of intermolecular forces undergo no enthalpy changes as soon as combined in equimolar amounts. At low concentrations of ethanol or water, fewer hydrogen bonds are developed than once mixing them in equal amounts. The ratio of hydrogen bond breakeras (in between molecules of the pure liquids), and the development of hydrogen bonds (in between the 2 various molecules once linked in solution) varies with the ratios in which the 2 liquids are combined. Ethanol is capable of developing even more hydrogen bonds than water.

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