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Question: Everyone has it yet no one have the right to shed it, what is it?

Answer: Shadow

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miranda says:
Shawntell Warner says:
Zackery Ellis-james says:
mattbooth says:
eline blom says:

yet you CAN loose yourself. not in a literal way, yet you can, choose loosing yourself in a book and also such. I think “your name” or “your face” is a far better answer.

I can’t sleep until i answer this I’m likewise below because of teenager wolf but the answer can’t be face or mind or anypoint physical because as soon as we die we rot amethod therefor losing our deals with and mind and also it can’t be skeleton because that rots ameans also so it must be shadow

mindyou have a mindyet you can’t actually shed ithuman being simply say i’m losing my mind but only as a metaphor

It’s right it’s basically saying that everyone has actually a shadow self and that you can’t lose it,it can be like and also evil version of your shadow self or it can be a nice variation of your shadow selfI acquired this off teen wolf

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