Global teams administer diversity while eliminating problems and misinteraction.

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A residence of high quality is achieved when no department in a single location has actually even more than 15 percent rejects.


Concurrent engineering is one more term for sequential advance.


One of the primary benefits of standardization is that it rises the potential selection of assets.


A disadvantage of standardization is the possibility of standardizing deindicators too early on, which may make them tough to modify in the future.


Reducing customer options makes business even more effective.


Modular architecture rises the prices of purchasing and controlling inventory compared to nonmodular.


Product failures can be easier to remedy with modular design.


One motivation for an company to redesign its product or service is to protect against the different of downsizing the organization.


A major benefit of computer-aided style (CAD) is the raised efficiency of designers.


Most of the moment what is called product or organization design is actually a rearchitecture of an existing product or organization.


A business blueprint is fairly comparable to an architectural illustration.


The process of dismantling and inspecting a competitor’s product to find product innovation is referred to as benchmarking.


To save money, it is crucial that designers revise the production capabilities to accomplish the demands of the new assets.


Many U.S. manufacturers are now shifting their emphasis from commodities to both product and also process improvements.


Applied research has the objective of achieving commercial applications for new ideas.


Basic research study is done through the expectation that explorations will certainly have actually near-term commercial application.


Design for production takes into account the capabilities of the company to develop or provide a offered product or business.


Consumers tend to resist purchasing assets that contain recycled materials.


Concurrent engineering brings people concerned with manufacturing right into the design phase previously than in the "over-the-wall" method.


Conpresent engineering indicates that at least two designers are connected in product style at the same time.


One technique to extfinishing a product’s life cycle is to promote alternative uses of the product.


Quality function deployment is a structured method that promises that the highest-high quality product or business will certainly be designed.


Product licapability suggests that a manufacturer is liable for any injuries or dameras resulted in by a faulty product bereason of bad workmanship or architecture.


The process of dismantling and also inspecting a competitor’s product to discover improvements is called reverse design.


Research and also advance (R&D) describes organized efforts that are directed toward increasing clinical expertise and product (or process) creation.


Standardization describes the degree to which tbelow is absence of variety in a product, service, or procedure.


Reproduction refers to rerelocating some of the components of old commodities and also reutilizing them in brand-new products.


The demand also for a product and the rate of technical readjust have actually a far-reaching impact on the size of a given phase of the product life cycle.


Robust style defines a product that will certainly perdevelop satisfactorily so long as it is offered in a very narrowhead array of conditions


Taguchi architecture approaches involve identifying the optimal operating or environmental problems for a provided product.


Quality attribute deployment (QFD) is based on a collection of criteria which relate customer demands to agency capabilities.


The quality function deployment matrices are often described as the "home of quality" bereason, as soon as completed, they "house" all of the customer’s top quality needs.


Service design often should take right into account the level of customer call compelled.


Relicapability describes the ability of a product to percreate its intended attribute under normal problems.


Applied study is the significant R&D effort of organization institutions bereason of their desire for commercial applications.


Commonality of components is valuable for manufacturing yet not for services.


Standardization can at times result in serious obstacles and competitive battles, especially as soon as devices are running under various problems.


The term faiattract as used to relicapacity suggests that a part or item does not feature at all.


Relicapacity have the right to be identified in terms of a particular allude in time or in terms of length of service


Relicapability deserve to be boosted by the use of backup components.


Delayed differentiation and also modular style are tactics for mass customization


Which of the following is leastern most likely to bring about product creations that have actually near-term commercial application?

A. process blueprinting

B. development

C. used research

D. top quality attribute deployment

E. fundamental research


Which of the complying with is not one of the 3 Rs?

A. reuse

B. reduce

C. reposition

D. recycle


Which of the adhering to is an example of a postponement tactic?

A. mass customization

B. standardization

C. process mapping

D. delayed differentiation

E. organization blueprinting


Which of the following questions is leastern correct in the time of value analysis?

A. How have the right to we reduce the price of parts?

B. How have the right to we boost the performance of the product?

C. How have the right to we incorporate even more social worths in the architecture of our global system?

D. Can we discover a method to usage less energy in the production of our product?

E. Could a offered component in our product be simplified or unified via another?


Which of these pairs of attributes would tend to be influenced the majority of significantly by a product or company redesign?

A. Operations and Accounting

B. Marketing and also Operations

C. Finance and Person Resources

D. Engineering and Accounting

E. Finance and Engineering


Incorporating design for disassembly ethics in product style helps firms through ___________ architecture problems.

A. Legal

B. social

C. reuse

D. reverse engineering

E. reengineering


Designing for recycling helps facilitate:

A. decreased legal liability.

B. compliance through regulatory atmospheres.

C. raised product relicapability.

D. reduced standardization expenses.

E. much better customer business.


One means to boost relicapacity is to:

A. improve component design.

B. increase the variety of organization stations.

C. rise mean repair time.

D. boost the variety of dependent components.

E. reduce manufacturing capacity.


One method to increase relicapability is to:

A. eliminate backup components.

B. boost preventive maintenance steps.

C. increase intend repair time.

D. increase the variety of independent components.

E. usage a worldwide supply chain.


Which of the adhering to is not a factor for redesigning a product or service?

A. to alleviate labor or product cost

B. to boost the level of employee satisfaction

C. to increase the level of customer satisfaction

D. to lure and increase customer demand

E. to increase quality


A disadvantage of worldwide teams for product architecture is that:

A. customers may have actually different needs in different countries.

B. the product designed may have actually raised marketcapacity and also utility.

C. the diversity of an international team might be a detriment.

D. ease of face-to-confront meetings is lacking considering that members are located almost everywhere.

E. modern technology enables consistent contact via team members.


Mobile phones have actually evolved from devices intended to area and receive phone calls right into handheld multimedia communications devices, however in the eyes of some customers these new attributes make the phones less preferable. This is an instance of:

A. robust style.

B. creeping featurism.

C. sustainable architecture.

D. top quality function deployment.

E. component commonality.


One action that is not part of organization blueprinting is:

A. Eliminate borders for the service and also decide on the level of interaction needed.

B. Identify and recognize the sequence of customer and also organization actions and interactions.

C. Develop time estimates for each phase of the process.

D. Understand the moment varicapability involved.

E. Identify potential failure points and also develop a plan to minimize them.


The study and also advance activity which starts after positive research results are easily accessible and attempts to turn these outcomes right into useful commercial applications is:

A. basic research study.

B. used study.

C. breakthrough.

D. redesign.

E. commercial research.


Which of the complying with is not an benefit of standardization?

A. The possibility to freeze design at a very early phase.

B. Fewer parts to resolve in inventory.

C. Reduced training expense and also time.

D. Purchasing is more routine.

E. Inventory monitoring is much less facility.


Products or services via a high degree of similarity of functions and also components are called:

A. generic.

B. copy-cat.

C. rip-offs.

D. product families.

E. product/business matrix.


Excitement features are categories in the _________ design.

A. bipolar

B. Kano

C. Pareto

D. quality

E. organization matrix


One possible disbenefit of modular design is that:

A. replacement and repair are more tough.

B. faiattract diagnosis is even more complex.

C. the variety of configurations of modules decreases.

D. individual parts shed their identities.

E. inventory problems arise.


In the area of product and business design, the acronym CAD refers to:

A. conceptually appropriate architecture.

B. computer-aided style.

C. commercial applications style.

D. competitive advantage design.

E. completely automated design.


Which of the adhering to statements around CADVERTISEMENT is not true?

A. It increases the efficiency of designers.

B. It uses computer system graphics.

C. It needs an excellent database.

D. Some systems permit engineering or cost analysis of proposed deindications.

E. It is offered properly by all manufacturing suppliers.


Which one of the complying with is not a element of effective product and business design?

A. Be conscious of what the competitors are doing.

B. Be conscious of what customers desire.

C. Kcurrently what federal government regulations are.

D. Use computerized architecture approaches.

E. Kcurrently what new technologies are available.


64. A software agency is weighing whether to release a new variation of its software. The agency can go ahead and also release the variation now and correct flaws through subsequent patches or upgrades, or it can wait till the new variation is reasonably bug-complimentary. This is an instance of:

A. life cycle evaluation.

B. worth analysis.

C. vaporware.

D. conexisting engineering.

E. architecture for production. Vaporware is attrenergetic from some perspectives however not from others.


The assessment of the eco-friendly influence of a product or organization throughout its helpful life is called:

A. flow diagramming.

B. organization blueprinting.

C. high quality feature deployment.

D. process mapping.

E. life cycle analysis.


The process of dismantling and also inspecting a competitor’s new or revised product for the function of gleaning architecture concepts is called:

A. style by imitation.

B. product evaluation.

C. reverse design.

D. benchmarking.

E. disassembly.


The term "degrees of newness" is associated with:

A. average age of employees.

B. average length of time on the job.

C. full years of business endure.

D. level of architecture readjust.

E. average age of the capital equipment.


The term "standardization" is very closely associated with:

A. customization.

B. high expense.

C. longer lead times.

D. range.

E. interchangecapability.


Service architecture mainly differs from product architecture in which of the adhering to ways?

A. Service style often tends to emphasis on tangible determinants.

B. Tbelow is less latitude in detecting and correcting errors before shipment.

C. Tright here is a lesser necessity to be mindful of competitors’ offerings.

D. There is less visibility to customers.

E. Tbelow is no distinction.


The structural approach for integrating customer requirements into every aspect of product breakthrough is recognized as:

A. full high quality administration.

B. customer satisfaction.

C. quality feature deployment.

D. customer integration.

E. a product development team.


Making plans for just how products that have got to the end of their valuable stays will be dealt with is the main topic of:

A. cradle-to-grave assessment.

B. end-of-life programs.

C. life-cycle analysis.

D. 3 R’s programs.

E. process mapping.


One of these is not a characteristic of a well-designed service system:

A. user friendly

B. robust

C. distributed computer system networks

D. price effective

E. basic to sustain


A formal method to record customer requirements is:

A. customer surveys.

B. top quality function deployment.

C. emphasis teams.

D. the Delphi approach.

E. a sales/marketing matrix.


Which of the following is not true around remanufacturing?

A. Reproduced products can be sold at lower price.

B. The process calls for largely unprofessional and semiskilled employees.

C. There is much less depletion of natural resources.

D. It produces high-quality assets quickly.

E. Remanufacturing is largely brought out by little and mid-sized carriers.


Which of the complying with is not one of the phases of product architecture and also development?

A. Specify product specifications.

B. Conduct sector test.

C. Specify process specifications.

D. Conduct style evaluation.

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E. Perdevelop applied research.


Elements of the business process in which tbelow is bit to no call through the customer are described as: