To gain accessibility to this Brotherhood of Steel Quest, players need to first complete the Key Quest: Reunions, and also also end up being a member of the Brotherhood of Steel faction. At the end of Act I, the Shadow of Steel quest will come to be accessible.

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This guide will certainly assist you take the crucial actions to complete the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Shadow of Steel. For instructions on exactly how to sign up with this faction, check out our guide on just how to join the Brotherhood of Steel factivity before continuing with this pursuit walkwith.

Listen to Military Frequency AF95

The Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Shadow of Steel becomes accessible upon completion of Act I.

At the finish of the Key Quest: Reunions, players will emerge from Fort Hagen to discover a enormous airship flying overhead. If you have actually already been inducted as a member into the Brotherhood of Steel, you will currently be motivated to begin the Shadow of Steel pursuit. Bring up your Pip-Boy and also tune into Military Frequency AF95 within the Radio tab to listen to the transmission.

Report to Paladin Danse

Fast-Travel to the Cambridge Police Station, and also speak through Paladin Danse. After a brief chat, he repursuits that you follow him to the rooftop.

Board the Vertibird

Tbelow is a Vertibird aircraft prepared for takeoff on the roofheight. After Paladin Danse boards the Vertibird, you are instructed to perform the very same. Get positioned behind the minigun turret and also prepare for a nice trip overlooking the Republic. Throughout the trip, you are totally free to open fire on anything dvery own listed below, including Raider encampments.

Attend the Debriefing

When you arrive at the Prydwen, hop down from the Vertibird and also follow Paladin Danse. Alengthy the trip deck you will certainly be presented to Lancer-Captain Kells. After some brief dialogue between Danse and also Kells, Danse will be dismissed to wait for better instructions.

Sheight to Lancer-Captain Kells

If you have actually a high Charisma rank, try to get more details out of Cpt. Kells about the mission.

Once Paladin Danse leaves, you will have actually the chance to briefly discuss numerous topics through Lancer-Captain Kells. If your Charisma rank is high enough, you can attempt to pry Kells for details about their mission. You may likewise inquire around Elder Maxkid, Power Armor, and also your orders if you wish.

Attend Elder Maxson’s Address

Fallout fans might recognise Elder Maxkid from Fallout 3. He"s all grvery own up now!

After speaking with Lancer-Captain Kells, head to the Prydwen Command Deck with the doormethod next to the Brotherhood Knight. Approach the room right ahead to attend Elder Maxson’s attend to. As you enter the room, Elder Maxchild will start to give an inspiring speech to several Brotherhood members. There’s fairly a little bit of indevelopment in his speech about the Brotherhood’s current objective and objective.

Speak to Elder Maxson

When Elder Maxboy is finiburned with his attend to, stop with Maxchild and he will certainly promote you to the rank of Knight, regardmuch less of your previous ranking. Maxkid also has arranged to give you a brand-new suit of Power Armor, which you can find in Power Armor Station 03 on the major deck of the Prydwen.

Open Your Personal Storage Container (Miscellaneous Quest)

Locate this container in the lounge area above the Main Deck to satisfy the Miscellaneous Quest.

After speaking with Elder Maxboy, you are totally free to roam around the Prydwen to familiarize yourself with the airship. Before speaking with Danse, you have actually the alternative to open your personal storage container to meet a Miscellaneous Quest. Take the ladder to the Key Deck, and head up one of the two stairinstances ahead that result in the lounge location. Locate your personal storage container at the foot of among the beds on the best, and access its contents to finish the Miscellaneous Quest.

Report to Paladin Danse

On the Key Deck, pass via the corridor to the dining area and also stop via Paladin Danse. After a brief conversation about Maxboy, Paladin Danse will end up being obtainable as a Companion choice. Choose whether or not to lug alengthy Danse as your Companion to conclude the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Shadow of Steel.

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