Wands are waving, brooms are flying and also spells are being cast left and also ideal as Fantastic Beasts and also Wright here to Find Them opened in theaters on Thursday night. Many type of mean the initially film in what"s expected to be a five-movie series to have actually a huge opening weekfinish -- on par with a summer blockbuster. And the Thursday night reported numbers don"t disapallude.

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The Hollyhardwood Reporter claims that David Yates" whimsical Fantastic Beasts has earned an approximated $30 million on Friday, which consists of an early haul of $8.75 million on Thursday night previews. If the numbers organize, this indicates that Fantastic Beasts might bank $75 million or more in its opening weekfinish in the USA.

The first movie in this fledgling series is expected to earn even even more overseas, yet. Some analysts are predicting that Fantastic Beasts and Wright here to Find Them might have as a lot as $200 million in Gringotts Bank prior to the weekend is up.

It"s fair, I think, to make comparisons to the Harry Potter films, even though Fantastic Beasts is a prequel (of sorts) that takes area in the wizarding people developed by author J.K. Rowling, but has actually no personalities that carry over to this story... yet. If Beasts is able to carry in north of $75 million, that would certainly put it in the Opening Weekfinish range of the middle Harry Potter movies, Order of the Phoenix ($77.1 million opening) and also the Half-Blood Prince ($77 million). Those movies puburned their domestic grosses near the $300 million mark, though as is the expectations with Beasts, they made a fortune abroad.

This movie will be a large test for the human being of J.K. Rowling. As we have actually been reporting, the producers (and also director David Yates) have actually a substantial story that they want to tell over the course of 4 added movies, that might take a decade to tell and also span 19 years of storytelling time. We think it will involve young Dumbledore, and also the relationship that he has with Grindelwald (who we met in this initially Fantastic Beasts). But in order to justify these next four movies, audiences must present up. Will the do so this weekend?

We will continue to track the development of Fantastic Beasts and also Wbelow to Find Them this weekfinish as it rolls out to a larger audience. Do you setup to view it this weekend? Do you arrangement to examine it out in 3D? Read our review before you go.


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