Before we venture off to brand-new areas, let"s make a pit-speak currently that we have actually over 50 Mini Medals. Zoom over to The Academy and sheight to Principal Maxime to obtain your reward for 50 Mini Medals: the Glombolero. This is a Robe that deserve to be equipped by any kind of character, and also absorbs MP from incoming Spells actors on the wearer. This works really well on Veronica or Rab, since it also offers a nice boost to Magical Might and they both use up a good amount of MP.

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When you are finimelted, Zoom over to the Snaerfelt Campsite. Do anypoint you should do right here, and also then head through the southeastern departure to the Arborian Highlands.

The Arborian Highlands


Treacertain Chests: The First Forest

Saint"s Ashes
How to Outexecute the Undead (Recipe Book)
Ethereal Stone
Savvy Sapphire
Enchanted Stone
Mini Medal #55

Sparkly Spots: The First Forest
Magic Water
Spellbound Bough
Faerie Fluff
Belle Cap

Head eastern across the bridge, then head north to climb up the cliff from a vine. There is a sparkly spot on the southern side of the cliff, and a chest containing Saint"s Ashes up a couple even more ledges on the north side.Hop back dvery own the cliff and go southern across some streams, picking up a Sparkly Spot containing a Spellbound Bough alengthy the method. Tright here are two Sparkly Spots in the First Forest via Spellbound Boughs; this is one. As you spend time below, it will carry out you well to obtain a handful of these. You will certainly watch a cave entrance just below where the campsite is on the map. Head in to find a chest in the tiny alcove to the north containing the Recipe Book How to Outdo the Undead. This allows us to forge the Zombie Slayer.Continue out from the south exit of this cave to uncover one more chest containing an Ethegenuine Stone. Hop down the ledge right into the water to find a Sparkly Spot.Continue southern until you see a tightrope extending the gap to the east. Cross over and also go all the way to the eastern dead finish to find a chest containing a Savvy Sapphire.Head earlier and go north, then west to the campsite. North of it by the waterautumn is a chest containing an Enchanted Stone. Do anything you must carry out at the campsite.Head eastern from the campsite, crossing over one more tightrope, then north to a tree wbelow you can hop up on the fungal measures. There is a Sparkly Spot on among them.

If you take place to obtain Haullelujah prepped while traversing (or obtain lucky via Drop Rate enhancing gear), there are a couple of Rare Items from the enemies worth stating. The Infanticore have the right to drop a Skull Ring, which offers impressive damage reduction (max 50% at +3) from Dark elemental assaults, and you deserve to likewise steal Enchanted Stones from them. Skull RIngs come in super-handy later in the game, yet you do not should go out of your means here to attain them. The Fruity Succubats might drop Infernails, which is purchasable at the Puerto Valor Casino. If you gain it as a drop, you don"t should waste your Tokens on it.

Fruity Succubats and also Stump Champs likewise have actually Spellbound Boughs as their Typical Items, so you have the right to attempt stealing some extras via Erik. These cannot be purchased anywhere, so the even more you have actually the better. You"ll need them for forging some points currently and definitely later.

Continue north from the tree till you have the right to fork southwest. To the west behind a tree at the end is a chest containing Molten Globules. Check the facility of this location by a patch of mushrooms for a gold Sparkly Spot, which is the Red Kale we require for the Quest in Arboria.Go southwest up the vine (tright here is a sparkly spot by it on the ground). Here, you will start to encounter Sprite Bulbs, which have actually a Rarefied develop called the Wight Bulb forced for the Quest back in Arboria. Keep fighting them until you encounter a Wight Bulb. If you are lucky or happen to obtain a opportunity to use Hallelujah or Itemized Kill, Sprite Bulbs deserve to drop more Wristoratives.Continue south up another vine. Head west and you"ll start to encounter Blue Dragons, which are dangerous and have actually many HP.

When you approach the second campwebsite, you"ll watch a scene where Rab starts to tire out and also the group calls it a night at the camp. Serena plays a song from their childhood and also the team reminisces on how Yggdrasil is tied to life. Veronica pulls out a flute that belonged to Serenica, but she can not play it. At night, Veronica and Serena wonder around how their twin-dom affects their stays, and maybe deaths. When you wake in the morning, feel free to conserve and also rest aacquire to forge anything you need.

Zoom ago to Arboria as soon as you have the Red Kale and also defeated a Wight Bulb for the Quests. You will obtain a Butterfly Baton for completing the Fit as a Fiddle Quest, and a Healer Accessory for completing the Planting Seeds for the Future Quest. Zoom ago to the First Foremainder Summit Campwebsite once you are finished. That is all 26 Quests you can finish in the initially Act of the game!

Head north to the Altar from the campsite. Before you head up the Altar, go listed below and behind it for a chest containing the last Mini Medal #55 of this component of the game. 55 is the maximum amount you can uncover in the time of Act 1 without farming extra Medals making use of 2D/3D Setting switching in the Definitive Edition. You must Zoom over to The Academy and also speak to Maxime to receive your reward of the Spiked Armour. This is the strongest Armour you have the right to discover for the Hero Defence-wise for this component of the game, and also it likewise has a 50% chance of mirroring incoming damage. It also serves quite well for a while in the time of Act 2.

When you are finished through whatever you deserve to or desire to carry out, head up the Altar for a scene wbelow the Orbs location themselves on their respective pedestals. This opens up a winding rainbow bridge to Yggdrasil.

The World Tree


You will certainly find yourself in a new location at the foot of the World Tree - Yggdrasil. Tbelow is a lone Sparkly Spot here, and also you can hop up on the ledge by the facility to gain to a well. If you use this well, you can travel ago down to the First Forest in situation you have to prepare even more or execute any other last-minute points.

The Yggdrasil Dew is the strongest and a lot of effective curative item in the game. While it might seem prefer an excellent principle to farm a bunch of these from this Sparkly Spot, it actually takes a whopping 120 minutes to regenerate unprefer the usual 15 minute regeneration. If you happen to find yourself spending a lot of time doing somepoint else in between now and also the occasions ahead for some factor, you can grab even more, yet it"s not worth the wait otherwise. You have the right to find them later much more conveniently.

Continue north to climb a vine. Keep going and also grab the two sparkly spots on this route. Approach the Heart of Yggdrasil for a scene.

In the Definitive Edition, make certain you have whatever equipment and items you desire on your team prior to approaching the heart of Yggdrasil. You don"t have to worry around the Hero, Serena, or Veronica, however you should outfit the rest of your companions optimally and also give them a decent stock of any kind of curatives you have to spare. This is not as a result of an upcoming battle, but rather for additional content to the Definitive Edition after this scene.

I also recommfinish unequipping all Bunny Tails from your team right now if you are making use of them; you"ll want them easily accessible to equip on your personalities throughout the following component of the game as essential.

Sylvando tries to touch it and also gets a shock. You will check out the Sword of Light in the heart, which just the Luminary have the right to wield. Just as the the Hero goes to take the Sword, Jasper appears and also casts a dark power to speak him. He has actually been complying with us all alengthy. Jade goes in for the strike yet is thrvery own earlier by a dark pressure. He has a dark Orb, and offers it to paralyze the party. You will certainly go into fight after this.

He will certainly be protected by a dark obstacle. Namong your strikes will certainly do anything; execute not waste any type of curatives on this fight. You cannot win this fight, and after a few transforms of dealing out heavy damage, he"ll unleash his complete power and also take your party dvery own to 1 HP. This will certainly finish the fight.

Afterward, Jasper philosophies the Heart, and shockingly sufficient, is quit by Hendrik through King Carnelian in tow. Hendrik calls Jasper out as a traitor, and also simply prior to he goes to assault, Carnelian casts him dvery own.

It easily becomes apparent that Carnelian has actually been possessed by Mordegon all along, via Jasper serving his interests. Mordegon steals the Hero"s Luminary power and also enters the Heart of Yggdrasil to retrieve the Sword of Light. He transcreates the Sword of Light into somepoint evil and also uses the power of the Heart of Yggdrasil to transcreate himself into somepoint disastrous. Yggdrasil then falls from the sky
After this scene, you will certainly acquire the PS4 Trophy and also Accolade of the same name: The World Tree.

The game will ask you if you want to conserve after this, which is always a great idea.

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Congratulations! You are now finiburned through the first act of the game. Don"t issue, we have plenty left to perform.