Season 3, Episode 1 Family of Five Seeks Open Home

The McKenzies want a brand-new place cshed to their church, the kids" colleges and also a grocery save. Chip and Joanna Gaines help them uncover a promising residence through an open idea and also plenty of room for their 3 children to play.

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Seaboy 3, Episode 2 Searching for Small Town Cdamage

The Dansby household presently stays in Hillsboro, Texas, yet their residence is as well little for their three growing sons. Chip and also Jo found three residences that can administer the Dansbys via the room and also character they"re looking for.

Seaboy 3, Episode 3 School Spirit Spurs Home Search

Baylor alumni Lori and also Baron live in Houston, Texas, yet want to purchase a 2nd house in Waco via the hope that their 12-year-old kid will certainly continue the family"s heritage. They are trying to find a residence full of character, yet on budgain.

Seakid 3, Episode 4 Old World Charm for Newlyweds

Jeff and Sara Jones are Baylor sweethearts and newlyweds, returning to Waco, Texas, to uncover a residence wbelow they deserve to work out down and also one day raise a family members. They"re hoping to uncover a house with 3 bedrooms, a large kitchen and a huge backyard.

Season 3, Episode 5 Small Town Search for Void

With 2 youngsters under the age of ten, Jaime and Kyle Ferguboy are drawn to the good colleges in McGregor, Texas. They"re searching for a home with four bedrooms and an open kitchen, and hope that Chip and also Joanna deserve to aid them uncover the perfect fit.

Seaboy 3, Episode 6 Old House, New Memories

Sterling and Casey inherited a 2,000 acre ranch through a residence that has actually been abandoned for ten years, and also they hope Chip and also Joanna deserve to reclaim the residential property to its previous glory.

Seachild 3, Episode 7 New Nest for a Growing Family

A young couple through a baby girl is looking for a family-sized house via at leastern 3 bedrooms, a playroom and also a home office. With Chip and also Johanna, they tour 3 homes close to Waco, Texas, and take one from lackluster to charming.

Seaboy 3, Episode 8 The Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Chip and Jo are trying to find a residential or commercial property for David Ridley, one of Waco"s many eligible bachelors. They find him a spacious lakeside house and also transform it right into a modern-day ranch.

Seachild 3, Episode 9 Creating Home Cshed to Campus

A California pair wants a charming fixer-top in Waco, Texas, to be close to their children at Baylor. They"re searching for a three-bedroom, two-bath house complete of original detailing and also shiplap.

Season 3, Episode 10 A Home for Him and Her

Ken and Kelly are newlyweds in search of their first house together in Waco, Texas. Chip and also Joanna find a run-down fixer-upper and customize it for the couple, reflecting both their individual styles.

Seakid 3, Episode 11 A Home for Country Living

The Meeks desire a residence wbelow they deserve to raise their children in the spirit of nation living. They"re looking for a residence through a number of acres of land, a huge kitchen and several room to entertain, and also hope Chip and also Jo surprise them via a rural renovation.

Season 3, Episode 12 Tiny Housage, Big Cinjury

Cameron and Jessie love the cozy charm of small-scale living, however want a place of their own. Chip and also Joanna rotate an abandoned, tiny home into a modern-day living area for the adventurous couple.

Seachild 3, Episode 13 Coastal Calm in the Country

Chris and Lindy are exhausted of moving and have decided to work out down near their family members in Hewitt, Texas. Chip and also Joanna discover a rural ranch and also convert it to a breezy beach-style house for the couple.

Seachild 3, Episode 14 A Home Amethod From Home for the Holidays

Chip and Joanna Gaines turn an old Victorian beauty right into a bed and breakfast simply in time for the holidays.

Seaboy 3, Episode 15 The Best of Chip and Joanna

In this special episode, Chip and also Joanna Gaines acquire individual as they remember their favorite dwellings and share never-before-seen bloopers and outtakes from all 3 periods of Fixer Upper. In the comfort of their living room, Chip and also Jo run the show!

Seakid 3, Episode 16 A Home for Hospitality

In this seakid finale, Chip and Joanna throw a "silobration" for the grand also opening of the Magnolia Silos. Then, they renovate the following door carriage home for the Magnolia Bed and also Breakrapid managers.

Seaboy 3, Episode 17 Foster Mom Finds Future Home

Single, foster mom Kaley Eggers enlists Chip and also Joanna to assist her uncover a charming fixer-top with a huge backyard to raise youngsters.

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Seachild 3, Episode 18 Home in the Heart of Waco

Cody and also Katie Messerall are elevating a young family members and are ready to relocate ago to the home of their alma mater in Waco, Texas. They"re hoping to uncover a residence via 3 or 4 bedrooms and a big backyard for their children.