He Doesn’t Know Why is a beautiful single from Fleet Foxes’ self-titled album. On this track, lead singer Robin Pecknold delivers exceptionally intimate, poetic lyrics around feeling confused and also hopeless when seeing the sad state of a family members member’s life (most likely his brother). The song is not confirmed to be based in truth, but nonethemuch less Robin’s passionate singing certain renders it feel deeply personal. The song has actually an effective, catchy melody backed by a great folky critical. I experienced Fleet Foxes live last week and also was blvery own away by the totality collection. Admittedly, prior to that suggest I was much more familiar through Helplessness Blues and Crack-Up than their previous jobs. However before, the instant I heard this song I dropped in love and also I’ve constantly had actually the self-titled album on repeat since then.

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I will certainly go through a line by line evaluation, in an effort to analyze the masterful creating and also suggest out what provides this song so beautiful to me.

Penniless and worn down via your hair grown longI was looking at you tright here and also your confront looked wrong

The song begins through Robin seeing his brvarious other for the initially time after a lengthy duration acomponent. Robin instantly points out the noticeable alters in his brother’s appearance. Even though he just supplies three descriptors, they are exceptionally effective and also enable the listener to quickly imagine a challenge, possibly also a transformation of someone the listener is close to themselves. The use of the word “penniless” is needs to be appreciated. With one word, Robin causes the listener to imagine many, many type of results of being negative.

Robin ends the second line through “your face looked wrong” which is an extremely blunt and also disastrous statement. After spfinishing a lengthy time in addition to someone, you construct the principle of a “correct” way they perchild should look and also act. It is heartbreaking to hear anyone say that that among their siblings’ deals with looked wrong.

Memory is a fickle siren’s songI didn’t understand

Sirens are mythical creatures recognized to attract sailors to their death via their enchanting singing. This simile is beautiful. It causes us to reflect on the harsh reality that our memories can tempt us right into making bad decisions. Humans often cling as well tightly to the previous and act dangerously to “return to the excellent old days”.

This song is created of four line sections, as we can tell by the repeating melody and also instrumentation. Four lines is not a lot, so we feel that each line must be closely liked based on prominence. Here Robin simply chooses to say that he didn’t understand also. This highlights to the listener the severity of exactly how puzzled he really felt. Robin didn’t, or probably couldn’t add more information about the case, so he just made a decision to emphasize his confusion.

In the gentle light as the morning nearsYou don’t say a single word of the last 2 years

Robin paints a scene reminiscent of many type of drama films. We imagine Robin’s brvarious other coming house prior to dawn and also waking Robin up. Even though tbelow is nopoint to execute in the darkness, the two simply disregard each various other. The sun gradually rises, which reinpressures the idea of wasted time. Robin’s brother keeps to himself, not wanting to describe what taken place to him and Robin doesn’t ask, not wanting to press as well much. When listening, we deserve to only guess exactly how lengthy they’ve been stuck in the silence, making this image also sadder.

Wbelow you were or when you reached the frontierI didn’t understand

Rather than talking to his brother, Robin proceeds to acquire shed in his thoughts, trying to make feeling of what he’s seeing. Of course, he is just able to make wild guesses and is still as puzzled as before. This is presented through his repetition of “I didn’t understand”. As prior to, emphasis is inserted on his confusion by closing out the 4 line section with this line.

See your rugged hands and also a silver knifeTwenty dollars in your hand that you hold so tightAll the evidence of your vaprovide lifeMy brvarious other, you were gone

Robin begins to suggest out even more observations, having recovered from his initial shock. He starts to observe not just his brother’s appearance, yet also what he he is holding. This masterful use of imagery aobtain evokes sadness in us as we are reminded of the damaging state of Robin’s brother life’s. It additionally brings up many type of brand-new inquiries and also answers few. We check out that the brother has actually end up being so negative that he cherishes twenty dollars. We do not understand what the knife is for or exactly how his hands have actually end up being so rugged, but it is certain that his life has actually been challenging.

Robin switches it up and also does not finish this collection of 4 lines with “I didn’t understand”. He instead sings “my brvarious other, you were gone”. This is another heartbreaking lines, similar to the previous one about his brother’s face looking wrong. Robin feels as though the brother he once kbrand-new and loved doesn’t exist anyeven more, and probably can’t be reextended. Although it is true that Robin still doesn’t fully understand what occurred to his brother, it shows up that he has gained enough information to confidently state that his brother is gone.

And you will certainly try to do what you did beforePull the wool over your eyes for a week or more

The listener learns that this is not brand-new habits for Robin’s brother. This gives us another perspective and places also even more prestige on the “I didn’t understand” lines. Robin was not only saying that he didn’t understand what occurred to his brother, he was also baffled at just how this maybe can have occurred again. These lines are filled with hopelessness, as Robin understands that his brother is stuck in a vicious cycle. He acts recklessly, then preoften tends prefer he doesn’t have worries and also goes back to damaging his life. The truth that this has become so predictable to Robin provides us feel incredibly sad.

Let your family members take you back to yourOriginal mind

Rather than offering up hope, Robin still tries to convince his brother to let the family members assist him. Even though Robin knows that his brother is stuck in this cycle, he must still carry out all that he can to revive the man he as soon as kbrand-new. The usage of the word “let” is crucial below. Robin understands that he can’t force his brother to accept assist. His brvarious other requirements to recognize his disastrous behavior on his own, otherwise no amount of assist deserve to change him.

There’s nothing I deserve to doThere’s nothing I deserve to doThere’s nothing I deserve to sayThere’s nopoint I deserve to say, I deserve to say

The last set of lyrics are a extension of the principle developed by the previous line. Robin has tried to help his brother and also has actually now embraced the truth that there’s nopoint he himself deserve to do. His brother have to control his own fate, no amount of press from Robin have the right to readjust this.

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After Robin sings the last line, the usual crucial continues for a bit longer and then the song appears to complete. However, an unintended piano outro comes in. This provides us exceptionally perplexed. We have no clue what this outro indicates. Perhaps it is simply a way to foracquire about Robin’s brvarious other, this abrupt readjust in music might just be Robin leaving the topic unreaddressed. A happier interpretation might be that the original music has actually become linked to Robin’s confusion and sadness, and this brand-new critical suggests a happier time after his brvarious other actually does go back to his old self. That’s among the beautiful points around this song, we’re able to decide our own ending and also take ameans what’s most important to us.