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Frosty Flights Epic Games using
The challenges for week 8 of Fortnite season 8 are right here, and also they’re heavy on searching. While the majority of of them just call for one step, one difficulty has a couple of components to it. The initially step sends players to search the treacertain map signarticle in Paradise Palms, and the second has them look for the X that’s on that treacertain map and also discover the Battle Star there.

Similar to the obstacle states, you deserve to discover the first component in Paradise Palms.

The second component is a tiny even more facility. Once you uncover the treasure map, it will have actually a picture of Frosty Flights on it. That’s where you’ll must head for action two. Here’s a map of where to discover both measures.

Fortnite map for week 8 obstacle Epic Games through

Search the treacertain map signarticle in Paradise Palms

It isn’t feasible to complete both components of this in the exact same game. Instead, the quickest method to complete this obstacle is to land in Paradise Palms, find this sign, search it, and also play out the remainder of the game from tright here. The sign is in the alley behind the vehicle dealership.

Paradise Palms treacertain map Epic Games by means of Once you search the map, show a photo of Frosty Flights via a red X at one side. That’s wbelow the star is.

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A cshed up of the Paradise map Epic Games using

Follow the treacertain map signarticle in Paradise Palms

In your next game, glide toward Frosty Flights, land also at the finish of the runway, and also collect the Battle Star to complete the obstacle.

The Fortnite battle star at Frost Flights for Week 8 Epic Games by means of