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Joan of Arc Arises

Soma, Takumi and Megumi don’t have actually any kind of ingredients and also have actually 3 hrs to prepare a noodle dish. A last-minute shopping expedition is out of the question because there's a blizzard.

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E1 | Challenging the Ten

Soma seizes the chance to test his skills against chef Kuga in the upcoming Lunar Fest.


E2 | Ma & La

There"s more to Chinese cooking than Soma realized and also he"s running out of time. Fortunately, Hisako, Alice and Erina give him pointers about the nuances of "ma" and also "la."


E3 | The Lunar Feast

The Lunar Fest isn"t a Food War and customers are various from judges — Both Soma and Alice uncover their booths are in the red by the finish of the first day…

E4 | A Pride of Young Lions

Conventional wisdom says Soma cannot catch as much as chef Kuga, yet Soma"s noticed somepoint that even the Elite Ten member has overlooked…

E5 | The Shadow Over the Dining Table

Soma had actually Rindo"s curiosity, however currently he has actually her attention. She invites him and Momo to sign up with her and suffer Eishi"s food preparation firsthand.

E6 | The Captive Queen

The academy reels over Azami"s unsupposed power play. As Erina"s life alters for the worst, Soma discovers an unintended visitor…

E7 | The Academy Falls

Azami stuns Totsuki Academy with his bold proclamation. Although his reasoning makes sense on paper, it implies nothing yet poor news for the clubs and also Kyokusei.

E8 | The Alchemist

Soma deals with off through Eizan in a Food War while the Kyokusei inhabitants wage their very own war versus Eizen"s minions for the fate of the dorm.

E9 | Hunting the Stragglers

Central will now accept Food War challenges from other institutions, and it"s all many thanks to Soma. On the other hand, Azami plots his next move.

E10 | Dance of the Salmon

Clubs loss one by one versus the onslaught of Central"s elite cooking abilities. Can Ryo prevail versus Rentaro, or is the fiery chef yet an additional doomed statistic?

E11 | Der Weiise Ritter der Tafel

Unable to forgive her uncle, Alice confronts Aizen and challenges Erina to carry out the very same. Throughout their next class, Soma and also Momo discover they have a new instructor.

E12 | Those Who Strive for the Top

With the future of Japanese cuisine at stake, Soma squares off versus Eishi, who wishes to recruit Soma for Central. But Soma might have actually bitten off even more than he have the right to chew.

E13 | Advancement Exam

The Kyokusei citizens concern that Central will weaponize the upcoming exams against them. Soma and also Erina have a heart-to-heart.

E14 | The Totsuki Train Heads Forth

With the deck stacked against the rebels, Erina joins the fight as Kyokusei’s ally and also gives everyone a crash course in culinary understanding.

E15 | Joan of Arc Arises

Soma, Takumi and also Megumi don’t have actually any kind of ingredients and have actually 3 hours to prepare a noodle dish. A last-minute shopping expedition is out of the question given that there"s a blizzard.

E16 | Revenge Match

Central’s done playing games. Soma should confront a former frifinish turned adversary and has three days to learn exactly how to prepare via an ingredient he’s never used prior to.

E17 | Walking the Tightrope of Umami

The rebels are in high spirits, but they’re all up against the Elite Ten. Soma cannot afford to worry about his friends and also must concentprice on his own complement.

E18 | For Someone"s Sake

Soma’s food preparation was exemplary, however Akira unveils his masteritem. Its flavor? Sublime. Sudepend Soma can still pull off a win, but how? 

E19 | A Declaration of War

The Elite Ten purge the rebels and only a handful remajor standing. Soma hatches a daring setup to save their fallen comrades.

E20 | Erina"s Devotion

A Regipsychological Food War requires more than cooking skills; it needs participation. But how can the rebels’ training succeed as soon as they’re not permitted to talk to one another?

E21 | He Who Clears a Path Thunstable the Wilderness

Joichiro used to be the increasing star of Totsuki Academy, yet his life obviously took a different turn. What specifically occurred in the past?

E22 | To the Site of the Final Battle

The Day of the Regimental Food War arrives, and also the remaining rebels confront overwhelming odds. Fortunately, brand-new allies have stepped up and also joined the fight.

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E23 | For the Sake of Kyokusei Dorm

The initially bout is in full swing. Satoshi’s loyalties are dubbed into question and also the judges reveal themselves: They are representatives from the World Gourmet Organization!

E24 | That Which Makes One Strong

Nene and also Soma present their soba dishes to the judges, but Soma’s been making questionable decisions throughout the whole match. Is there a method to his madness?

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