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“BUTTERFLY EFFECT” is a song by Travis Scott, as you might recognize, and also it came off of his 2017 album, Astroworld. Below are the lyrics via some explanations about expressions, grammar, and also various other less-apparent meanings of the song. I am no experienced on this song or on Travis Scott, yet this can aid those of you finding out or examining English to much better understand the words. If you’d favor, please watch the video and review the lyrics and explanations. Then take one more listen to watch how a lot you understand also the second time. Ready?

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Other explanations: Wbelow is the Butterfly Effect; Interelaxing Song Facts

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“Butterfly Effect” Lyrics & Explanations

All the commas

Other meanings: This probably hregarding carry out through money. The more commas, the bigger the number is; 1(,)00(,)000(,)000(,) …

Murda on the beat so it’s not nice

Other meanings: This is a popular tagline from the producer on this song, Murda Beatz.

Ooh, hmm

For this life, I cannot change

Figurative speech / Philosophy: Just a note about the title: the “butterfly effect” is the concept that transforming something little or subtle in the past — prefer killing a butterfly — deserve to cause a fully various existing and also future. It’s likewise the concept that something little favor a butterfly beating its wings can make astronomical ripples (impacts) in time. This concept kind of rings throughout the song as Travis says he cannot change, as if his life is destined to be this means. The lyric additionally could mean that this brand-new way of living cannot change who he really is. But, favor a butterfly beating its wings in the previous, his impact will be made on the human being.

Hidden Hills, deep off in the main

Geography / Other meanings: Hidden Hills is an upscale, type of exclusive city in the north Los Angeles area wright here numerous well-off and famed people live. It likewise sounds favor he can be saying “in the hills” which has actually the same connotation. That’s bereason in Los Angeles, many type of of the rich and also intricate neighborhoods are either literally in the hills or have the name “hills.” Not sure: The “deep off in the main” component is a small confusing, yet it might just expect that the human being in this culture have deep ties, deep roots, or deep relations there. Or somepoint else completely.

M&M’s, sweet choose candy cane

Figurative speech: We recognize M&M’s. Some like cacao and others swear by peanut butter. He could be relating M&M’s to particular drugs favor ecstasy, comparing the “high” feeling of being on drugs to a sugar high from eating numerous sweets.

Drop the peak, pop it, let it bang

Casual speech / Slang: “Drop the top” and also “pop the top off” are ways to talk around taking the height off of a convertible vehicle. “Bang” below might describe playing loud music in the automobile. These expressions more than likely have other definitions also that are a little even more provocative, so I’ll leave it at that.

For this life, I cannot change

Hidden Hills, deep off in the main

M&M’s, sweet like candy cane

Drop the peak, pop it, let it bang

Drop the height, play hide and seek

Games: “Hide and also seek” is a children game wright here one perchild has to search for various other world that are hiding. Figurative speech: He doesn’t literally want to play hide and look for though. This can suppose going to look for somepoint or someone, or trying to run ameans or hide from someone. Doing things discreetly.

Jump inside, jump right to the league

Figurative speech / Slang: Going to “the league” mostly describes young athletes who skip college and go straight right into the skilled league. He can be referring to someone joining his “team” or his crew. Come play with the massive boys. This mixes in with a famous term among some babsence guys to call each various other “hitters,” prefer a baseball player that hits a round. That’s not what it means, that’s simply the relation to being on the team or in the league.

Take a sip, feel simply exactly how I be (It’s lit)

Grammar: *”Feel simply exactly how I am …” Slang / Informal speech: Saying “exactly how I be” describes just how the person resides, how they act on a constant basis, their style. This is exceptionally informal, by the way. Saying something is “lit” means that it’s fun, it’s cool, something good will certainly come of it. It’s likewise one of Travis’s famous sayings.

On Freeway, yet no, ain’t nothin’ totally free (Straight up)

Grammar: *”On the freemeans, but no, nopoint is free …” Slang: Saying “right up” choose this is the very same as “for genuine,” as if to reiterate that the perkid really means what they say.

Bend regulations, bfinish lanes (Skrrt, skrrt)

Expressions: To “bfinish the law” suggests to break it basically, to go against the legislation. “Bending lanes” is driving conveniently along transforms on street lanes. Hence, skrrt skrrt.

Been bustin’ bills, but still, ain’t nothin’ change

Grammar: *”I’ve been busting bills, however still, nopoint has actually readjusted …” Slang: By “busting bills” he suggests he’s been spfinishing most money. Still, he provides a ton of money, so his financial case isn’t influenced by this.

You in the mob soon as you rock the chain

Grammar: *”You’re in the mob as shortly as you rock the chain …” Slang: The “mob” below describes his crew aget.

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The very same goes for “team, squad, gang,” and so on To “rock” in this situation indicates to wear something proudly, particularly a specific brand also.

She captured the waves, just thumbin’ through my braids (Alright)