For which of the adhering to businesses would certainly a process price system be appropriate?A. boat repair serviceB. tradition furniture manufacturerC. dressmakerD. shampoo manufacturer

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Process and project order cost systems are comparable in every one of the adhering to means exceptA. both usage task order expense cardsB. both preserve perpetual inventoriesC. both accumulate product costs—straight materials, direct labor, and also factory overheadD. both alfind product price to devices produced
The price mechanism finest suited to sectors that manufacture a huge variety of identical units of products on a consistent basis isA. task orderB. first-in, first-outC. departmentalD. process
In process expense accounting, the prices of direct products and straight labor are charged directly toA. task ordersB. handling departmentsC. customer accounts D. receivable
The two categories of expense comprising conversion expenses areA. straight labor and also indirect laborB. factory overhead and direct materialsC. direct labor and direct materialsD. straight labor and also manufacturing facility overhead
If a agency offers a process costing device to account for the costs in its five production departments, just how many kind of work-related in procedure accounts will it use?A. 5B. 4C. 2D. 6
Department M had actually 600 devices 60% completed in procedure at the beginning of June, 6,000 systems completed during June, and also 700 systems 30% completed at the end of June. Using the first-in, first-out technique of inventory costing, what was the number of identical units of production for conversion costs for the period?a. 5,850 unitsb. 5,640 unitsc. 7,300 unitsd. 6,700 units
A develop all set periodically for each processing department summarizing the devices for which the department is accountable and also the units to be assigned costs and also the prices charged to the department and the allocation of these costs is termed aA. manufacturing cost reportB. price of manufacturing reportC. factory overhead manufacturing reportD. process cost report
Department W had 2,400 systems, one-3rd completed at the start of the period; 16,000 devices were moved to Department X from Department W throughout the period; and 1,800 systems were one-half completed at the finish of the period. Assume the completion ratios apply to straight products and conversion costs.What is the full number of units to be assigned expense on the expense of manufacturing report for Department W?a. 13,600 unitsb. 12,000 unitsc. 17,800 unitsd. 18,500 units
The complying with production data were taken from the documents of the Finishing Department for June: Inventory in procedure, June 1 (30% completed) 4,000 devices Completed units during June 65,000 systems Ending inventory (60% complete) 7,000 unitsWhat is the number of conversion identical units of manufacturing in the June 30 Finishing Department inventory, assuming that the first-in, first-out technique is offered to cost inventories?a. 70,400 unitsb. 66,200 unitsc. 4,200 unitsd. 68,000 units


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Fundamental Financial Accounting Concepts9th EditionChristopher Edmonds, Frances M McNair, Philip R. Olds, Thomas P. Edmonds

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