Here"s wbelow to discover Fortbyte #34 "found in between a fork and a knife" in "Fortnite: Battle Royale."

Credit: Epic / Erik Kain

With simply over a week left in the seakid, and simply a couple days left before the Utopia difficulty reward, the Selfhood skin, unlocks, we are right into our last days of the Fortbyte obstacles.

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Fortbytes are among the finest enhancements to Season 9, and also I really hope we acquire somepoint prefer them in Season 10. It"s fun to have actually a everyday scavenger hunt, yet additionally to unlock bytes by completing weekly obstacles. It keeps points interesting, specifically in a seachild through fewer comparable challenges.

Today"s Fortbyte #34 takes us to among the a lot of iconic places on the Fortnite map: The huge fork and also knife close to Fatal Fields, a play on the game"s nickname, Fork-knife.

Here"s where you"ll find Fortbyte #34:

Head to the tunnel connecting the two indented silverware landmarks and also be cautious. When I flew down tbelow I think there were 2 dozen various other players. It was bloody chaos.

You"ll desire to find the tunnel connecting the fork and also the knife in order to nab Fortbyte #34. Don"t problem, you don"t require any unique emotes, skins or sprays in order to acquire it. Just land, stay alive, connect with the Fortbyte and also run for your life (or snag a pair cheap eliminations).

In other Fortnite news, the brand-new Airstrike item just landed in the game today. I haven"t played with it yet however it sounds fun, at least if it"s anything choose the comparable hero power in Apex Legends.

Meanwhile, the final 14 Days Of Summer obstacle dropped yesterday: Destroy grills with the Low n" Slow harvesting tool. We have actually a overview for that best below.

Don"t concern, you still have actually simply over six days to complete all the Summer obstacles and earn all the free rewards they grant upon completion.

Best of luck down tbelow, young padawans! May the pressure of others be through you.

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