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Gene from Howick, QcHello Steve, because you"re from Hamilton, Canada, you must recognize that Québec is not a country. It is a French province within Canada. Had Québec separated in the 1980 referendum , Mon Pays would have probably been favored as the national Anthem. When I was asked by the publisher to create an English version for Patsy Gallant the song came to be an immediate global hit however Québec radio stations refprovided to play it.... much too controversial.Gene from Howick, QcIn your "check out lyrics", the last verse is wrong. It should be......"I occasionally close my exhausted eyes, And let myself be hypnotised, By memories of loving you, The male I believed was intended for me, But were you really supposed for me". Thank you,Gene Williams.Steve from Hamilton, Canada"Mon Pays" is sung in the French language, yet it is not French. Gilles Vigneault is from Quebec and that is the nation he is singing about.see more comments
The DilemmaYou Me at Six

The You Me at Six song "The Dilemma" gained its title from the Vince Vaughn movie of the same name.

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The BestTina Turner

"The Best" by Tina Turner was initially taped by Bonnie Tyler; Turner"s hit version included a bridge and also a saxophone solo by Edgar Winter.

Theme From ShaftIsaac Hayes

When "Theme From Shaft" won an Osautomobile, Isaac Hayes became the first Afrideserve to Amerideserve to to win in the "Best Song" category.

NameThe Goo Goo Dolls

"Name" by The Goo Goo Dolls was partly influenced by lead singer John Rzeznik"s flirtation through the MTV VJ Kennedy, that didn"t want him to tell anyone her genuine name.

ChangesDavid Bowie

The movie The Breakquick Club opens with a passage from David Bowie"s "Changes" ("And these children that you spit on...")

Stand By MeBen E. King

Rob Reiner called his 1986 movie "Stand By Me" after the song, because he thought The Body, a Stephen King story on which it was based, sounded favor a horror movie.

Top Amerihave the right to Idol Moments: Songs And ScandalsTrack Writing

Surpincrease exits, a catfight and some very memorable performances make our list of the the majority of memorable Idol moments.

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Timothy B. Schmit of the EaglesSongwriter Interviews

Did this Eagle come up with the term "Parrothead"? And what is it prefer playing "Hotel California" for the gazillionth time?

Reverend Horton HeatSongwriter Interviews

The Reverend rants on psychobilly and the egghead academics he bashes in one of his more famous songs.

Lori McKennaSongwriter Interviews

Lori"s songs have been videotaped by Faith Hill and also Sara Evans. She"s percreated on the CMAs and on Oprah. She additionally has 5 children.

Spooner OldhamSongwriter Interviews

His key-board job-related helped specify the Muscle Shoals sound and also make him an integral component of many kind of Neil Young recordings. Spooner is additionally an accomplished songwriter, whose hits include "I"m Your Puppet" and "Cry Like A Baby."

Gavin Rossdale of BushSongwriter Interviews

On the "schizoid element" of his lyrics, and a famed line from "Everypoint Zen."