Jon meets the King-Beyond-the-Wall surface while his Night Watch Brothers flee southern. In King’s Landing, Tyrion desires a reward, Margaery shows her charitable nature, Cersei ararrays a dinner party, and also Littlefinger uses to help Sansa. Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys starts her journey west.

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Serie: Video Game of Thrones

Director: Daniel Minahan

Guest Star: Anton Lesser, Ben Crompton, Ciarán Hinds, Dan Hildebrand, Daniel Portguy, Edward Dogliani, Elisa Lasowski, Esmé Bianco, Finn Jones, Ian Beattie, Ian McElhinney, Ian Whyte, John Stahl, Kristofer Hivju, Lucian Msamati, Luke Barnes, Mark Stanley, Max Barber, Michael McElhatton, Nathalie Emmanuel, Rhys Howells

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