The live-action Ghold in the Shell film hits theaters March 31, however its futuristic civilization of cyborgs and next-level weaponry makes for some prime ass-kicking video games.

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The story of Gorganize in the Shell originated as a cyberpunk manga in which the cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi is a member of a distinct operations job force combating political intrigue and also terrorism. She’s basically a superpowered ninja robocop taking on all manner of robots, hackers, and also military-grade enemies. Though the manga was first serialized in 1989, it’s just made the leap right into video games precisely four times and also through differing degrees of success. The Ghold in the Shell video games are a mix of initially and also third-perboy shooters, and also one game also allows you to customize your cyberized operative.

So, if you’re looking to take manage of the Major — or someone or something else from Section 9 — right here are the just 4 Ghold in the Shell video games ever before, ranked.


4. Ghold in the Shell: Stand also Alone Complex (PSP — 2005)

This PSP GitS game is technically a sequel to a PS2 game of the exact same name however switched to a first-person perspective. So, that’s weird. As far as the gameplay, there’s not a lot variety between tools. Enemy A.I. is ironically lackluster, the inclusion of Tachikoma robots feels required, and tradenote stealth objectives are poorly executed. Ultimately, what have to have actually been a cerebral, tech-concentrated shooter wound up being the oppowebsite of robust.


3. Gorganize in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (PS2 — 2004)

Generally taken into consideration average at finest, the PS2 Gorganize in the Shell game has a third-person perspective, which is most likely the finest path for a franchise involving acrobatic stealth. But, with repetitive gameplay and clunky controls, it was taken into consideration pretty inavailable. The game tries to ape classic Tomb Raider by having actually the Major perform most platdeveloping and also edge-grabbing. The franchise’s aesthetic is definitely tbelow, yet the game does a poor task of maintaining things amazing.


2. Gorganize in the Shell (PlayStation — 1997)

A significant plus for the initially Ghold in the Shell game ever is the inclusion of the same English voice cast used in the animated film. The story and also art — which exist exterior of the series’s major continuity — are developed by Masamune Shirow, the author of the OG manga. Rather than the Major, the player controls a Fuchikoma, the climbing robotic tanks featured in the series, in a fast-paced adendeavor via varied level style.

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1. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex — First Assault Online (COMPUTER — 2016)

This (relatively) new Gorganize in the Shell game — casually dubbed simply First Assault — is an digital squad-based multiplayer first-perchild shooter that’s free-to-play via optional passist content. Squad members can share powers via the SkillSync system via nearby allies. First Assault has actually great graphics, fast-paced gunplay, and also the anime voice actors repclimb their functions for added authenticity to this Gorganize in the Shell experience.