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Wright here the Emotional and also Physical Health of your pet is foremost!

General InfoWelcome Our function is to carry out your pet through the the majority of expert and highest possible high quality medical and surgical treatment that is easily accessible, with individual attention to your pet"s needs.About Our NameThe beloved "Gentle Doctor" statue stands in the Veterinary Court at Iowa State College wright here Dr. Pribyl graduated from Veterinary college. The statue was sculpted by Christian Petersen who pertained to Iowa State in 1934. The statue was made in the likeness of Charles H. Stange, then Dean of the Veterinary College. The statue of the "Gentle Doctor" has come to be a member and a symbol of the Veterinary Profession. Why Are We DifferentA warm friendly atmosphere is incredibly much a component of Dr. Pribyl"s approach to Veterinary edicine. We administer our patients via an environment that suits their sensitive nature. We additionally advise our client on the nutritional needs of pets, precautionary wellness treatment and also basic house safety and also maintenance. We have been well-known in the Veterinary Economics Magazine for hospital architecture.Because we spfinish 365 days a year below at the hospital caring for pets, we preserve an immaculate hospital through an environment that is calming and soothing. We have voluntarily followed the high requirements of the Amerihave the right to Animal Hospital Association and also have actually qualified as an AAHA Member Hospital. We are accredited at the highest possible level.

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These standards use to Gentle Doctor Animal Hospital"s equipment, exercise requirements and also management.Hours
Services/ProductsGentle Doctor Animal Hospital Offers Comprehensive Medical Care for Pets of All Kinds, This Includes Routine: * Wellness Exams * Puppy/Adult Vaccines * Avid Microchips * Senior Wellness Exams * Nutritional Counseling * Health Certificates * Laboratory/Diagnostic Services Here at Gentle physician we have actually an in house lab and state of the art Digital Radiology tools that allows us to quickly and efficiently evaluate your pet"s health and wellness, especially as soon as time is of the significance. Our Hospital Includes:* Comprehensive Laboratory * Digital X-Rays * Electrocardiograms * Ultrasound Services * Echocardiograms * Surgical Services Include:* Spay and Neuter * Feline Declaw * Ear & Eye Surgery * Periodontal & Oral Surgery * Laceration, Abscesses and Tumor Removal * Abdominal & Selective Orthopedic Surgery * Laser Surgery & Laser Decregulation Dental Services Include:* Oral Examinations * Dental Cleaning, Polishing and also Fluoride Treatments* Dental X-Rays * Extractions * Dental Health EducationBrandsScience DietPayment methodamex, examine, uncover, mastercard, visaNeighborhoodCanyon GateLanguagesSpanishOther Link

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Specialties:Reptiles, Felines, Avian, Exotics, Cats, Puppies, Dogs, Doggies, Kit10s, Birds, Dentisattempt, Canines