Look at the image and attempt to guess the definition of the idiom "head in the sand."  Hmmm, what could this idiom maybe mean?

(bury/have) one"s head in the sand:  to neglect or refusage to think around a trouble or somepoint unpleasant.

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The origin of this idiom comes from the incorrect idea that ostriches (a huge bird with a long neck and large body) put their heads in the sand also to hide from hazard bereason they assumed that if they couldn"t watch their attacker, their attacker couldn"t view them either.

It"s a ridiculous idea and also not true yet we humans are likewise extremely dumb at times—particularly as soon as we try to pretend tright here isn"t a trouble as soon as tright here is one.

This idiom is regularly provided as bury one"s head in the sand or have one"s head in the sand also.

Sentence examples

—  I knew I essential to finish my paper prior to exams began but I just maintained my head in the sand and also currently I won"t have actually time to end up it prior to its due.

—  You"ve had your head in the sand about this marital relationship for two years and also now I"m too tired to work on it. I desire a divorce! 

—  Everyday he throws his bills in a drawer in his desk—he"s gained his head completely hidden in the sand yet soon his credit history will certainly be destroyed.

—  Sheight burying your head in the sand! Even if you don"t tell your parents you"re pregnant they"re going to uncover out someday soon and also then they"ll really be mad!

—  My neighbor is reflecting the very same old head-in-the-sand behavior about his yard as last summer and the grass is now virtually 2 feet high!

—  You cannot store your head hidden in the sand for much longer—there isn"t enough money in the account to pay our employees" salaries following month.

—  Everyone had actually their head in the sand about Sandy"s binge drinking until she came to church and passed out in front of the whole congregation.

—  Here are 3 overdue bills! I can not think you"re burying your head in the sand again.

—  Her ex-boyfrifinish blocked her on Facebook a month earlier yet she has her head buried in the sand and refuses to speak calling him.

—  I arisen a bad halittle bit of burying my head in the sand about my finances and lastly I had actually no alternative yet to file for bankruptcy. 

—  He"s obtained his head in the sand and also refuses to fire his secretary that stealing from him.

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—  When his wife left him for another man he buried his head in the sand and didn"t remove his wedding band also for three months.

—  Dad I"m begging you to speak burying your head in the sand!  That mole on your arm is growing and you require the doctor to have actually a look at it immediately!


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