I never considered Osautomobile Hammerstein a military strategist, however he laid dvery own a very worthy bit of advice to Poccupants, Pentagons, and also General Officers as soon as he wrote:

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In 1961, John F. Kennedy enlarged and transcreated the "Special Forces" a fairly small, elite U.S. army unit and christened it the "Eco-friendly Berets." They did so well in Vietnam, John starred in a movie around them. But in 1985, an army captain composing around our errors in Viet Nam shelp the Environment-friendly Berets were an excellent mistake. He assumed that stout-hearted Eco-friendly Berets have to reprimary in constant army devices to provide leadership and also make better soldiers of the various other males in their systems.

By the end of the Viet Nam war, our army had actually fallen apart. It was undisciplined, "fragging" of officers and noncommissioned policemans was not uncommon. Dope was anywhere. Had the Eco-friendly Berets been spreview over the general pressures, would certainly it have actually prevented military deterioration? Oscar Hammerstein assumed so.

George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld created a brand-new elite: mercenaries hired by personal home builders. When their terms of duty expire, Navy Seals, Special Forces (no longer "Environment-friendly Berets") and also the British SAS are wooed by the builders to provide protection for, among various other things, the rebuilding of the Iraqi infrastructure. Contracts are awarded on a expense plus basis. Contractors re-bill to us their protection prices and also note them up. They can and do pay their defense guys six figure salaries. (Contractors say that they spend as much as thirty-5 percent of their profits on security.) Six figure salaries attract some of the finest of the Special Forces from military devices to exclusive payrolls. The finest of the NCOs regularly go there as well. They"ve all come to be mercenaries.

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Hammerstein"s "ten males that are stout-hearted men, that will shortly provide you ten thousand also more" are no much longer in the regular army. Most of the troops that reprimary are simple soldiers, that absence the leadership characteristics of "stout-hearted guys," the males that had actually the ability to lead by instance, the capability to turn average soldiers right into heroes.

It seems to me that Oscar Hammerstein had a much better expertise of male psychology than JFK, George W. Shrub or Secretary Rumsfeld. Men are at their best once competing, as soon as trying to outexecute others, trying to prove they are the finest. No man wants to seem a coward. "Stout-hearted men" perform not revolve and also run. If the bravest are fighting for Halliburton, who will turn waverers into zealots?