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You say you wantDiamonds on a ring of goldYou say you wantYour story to remain untoldBut all the guarantees we makeFrom the cradle to the graveWhen all I want is youYou say you"ll provide meA highmeans via no one on itTreacertain to look upon itAll the wide range in the nightYou say you"ll provide meEyes in a moon of blindnessA river in time of drynessA harbor in the tempestBut all the assures we makeFrom the cradle to the graveWhen all I desire is youYou say you wantYour love to occupational out rightTo last me with the nightYou say you wantDiamonds on a ring of goldYour story to remain untoldAnd your love not to grow coldAll the guarantees we breakFrom the cradle to the graveWhen all I desire is youYou, all I desire isYou, all I desire isYou, all I want isYouWhen all I desire is you
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