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Moses is an instance of someone that stood in faith and confidence that God is precisely who He says He is.

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He wasn’t constantly perfect at it:

he had belief dilemmas at timeshe struggresulted in think that God might usehimhe also disobeyed God.

But as soon as you look at his life, he continuously and faithtotally, complied with Almighty God; and also at his points of faientice, he think God is that He says He is and also he adhered to Him.

God took an simple man and also offered him in an simple means.

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Show Notes For This Foundational Podcast:

God deserve to usage you in the same way!

I hear over and also over that this is a Joshua Generation, however the only means it can be a Joshua Generation is if:

Tright here are countless Moses’ who will certainly climb upThey have to be mentorsThey need know how to acquire face-to-confront with GodThey know just how to live in the glory of GodThey rapid and also pray andThey go to mountain of GodThey live it outThey mentor the following generation

Let’s think that God can usage this Joshua generation – ordinary young people – to do extraordinary things!

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