+++ AREA: INSIDE THE MIGHTY TITAN +++After you save your game, look beside the Save Point. Do you see those tentacles? Attack them to release a floating boulder. Now capture as much as the boulder and jump on optimal of it. Destroy the obstructions in the means and also let it float to the edge of the river. There is a grip holder at the edge, so jump and also swing to it. Swing and glide to the next area. Destroy that obstruction in the way. Tright here is a high ledge that you cannot glide to, so what now? When you ruined the obstruction, notice tright here is hot steam coming out of it. Stand also on top of the heavy steam and also double jump and also unflap your wings to soar higher! Glide to the height ledge and also enter! Easy.AS you enter the next location, you"ll notification that there are plenty of harpie hives in the cavern. Go up to each one and destroy them to rid all the harpies in this area. Tbelow are six hives to destroy so get to it! Once all the hives are gone, kill the continuing to be harpies to clear the location of enemies.One of the damaged hives revealed a wall surface to range. Jump as much as the wall and also scale to the other end and jump dvery own. Open the 2 chests if you want and then jump and glide to the adjacent wall. Scale it to the various other side and damage the stalactite blocking the method. Jump dvery own and out in the direction of the open up leave. DO NOT TRY TO JUMP OUT! Look to the left of the wall to watch that it is scaleable. Scale the wall to the left and also go around the ceiling while destroying stalactites and also enemies in the way. +++SECRET AREA: Tbelow is an enigma upper pathway on the ceiling that leads to an upper room via some chests via goodies! When you reach the finish, climb up and also out at the height. Take the platform going dvery own and also then jump to the nearby wall. Descfinish the wall and method the staying stalactites. Now that a new route has actually been revealed, approach the Save Point and conserve your game!SAVE GAME!Now jump and also glide to the new pathway (be certain to grab some extra vapor and glide higher) to exit the location. Jump and glide to the following platdevelop with the turnstile. When you land also, a pair of harpies and satyrs will arise. Kill them all with Rage of the Titans and the spear.

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When the platcreate is clear, turn the turnstile all the way till the platdevelop stops moving. Now jump and glide through the next 3 platdevelops and also then take the zipline to the Save Point.SAVE GAME!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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