If you do not have actually the money to go out, or simply want to continue to be up for one or two even more drinks at the end of the night, tbelow is no much better solution than a drunk movie. Here"s our list of 51 of the best movies to watch while getting hammered. Enjoy!

1) Superbad

Why Watch It?: It"s about a bunch of kids obtaining drunk, trying to get lhelp and also incredibly lhelp earlier cops. It"s likewise a ridiculously funny film with plenty of quotes.

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Best Bit: McLovin


2) Fear And Loapoint In Las Vegas

Why Watch It?: It is a drug and also alcohol fuelled expedition through Las Vegas. None of the scenes connect together logically, which suggests it"s fine if you"re not paying too a lot attention.Best Bit: The Merry-Go-Round



3) The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Why Watch It?: It has that B-movie style of ridiculous that you only get at around 2 a.m., which is probably close to the moment you"ll be watching it. Tright here are likewise some incredibly catchy songs, and Halloween costume concepts, to be uncovered.Best Bit: The Time Warp


4) The Avengers

Why Watch It?: Action movies take themselves also seriously and also are tough to follow, so they do not make good drunk movies. The Avengers is basically a comedy through one massive set-item in the finish. That collection piece is so substantial and skirmish-y, you do not really should be mindful of what"s happening to gain it.Best Bit: The Hulk and Thor "make up"



5) Anchorman

Why Watch It?: This is just an onslaught of epic one-liners that are perfect for quoting and also yelling in a drunken state.Best Bit: The News Team Battle Royale


6) Gap Jam

Why Watch It?: Packed to the absolute gills through nostalgia, either for the 90s, or as soon as you were a boy in basic, thanks to the many toon cameos. This is fun, colourful, and calls for zero thinking on your component to watch.Best Bit: "Michaels Secret Stuff"



7) Aladdin

Why Watch It?: I understand I"m not crazy when I say that Disney movies make for excellent drunken viewing. Odds are, you know it favor the back of your hand also, it"s funny, colourful, and easy to follow. Of all of them, Aladdin is most likely the finest. It"s consistently funny, not a solitary poor song throughout and also has actually that little bit little of activity at the end.Best Bit: Robin Williams" Genie


8) Grease

Why Watch It?: It"s Grease. The Ultimate musical. If you"re drunk, there"s an excellent possibility you choose singing. This will serve you well!Best Bit: "I"ve got chiiilllls..."



9) Nightmare on Elm Street 2/4/5/6

Why Watch It?: Any bad horror film functions for a drunken movie, it"s basically an hour and a fifty percent of laughing at stupid world perform stupid things. The Nightmare On Elm Street sequels serve that function nicely, badepend registering as horror at all. Watch the trailer if you don"t think me. Also note the lack of Elm Street 3, a genuinely scary sequel.Best Bit: Freddy plays Video Games


10) This Is Spinal Tap

Why Watch It?: A mockumentary about hilariously stupid rock stars, playing awesome rock music? Why wouldn"t you watch it? The way this film is put up, it"s just choose watching mindless truth TV. Only, you recognize, great.Best Bit: Stonehenge



11) Spaceballs

Why Watch It?: It"s not the smartest, or even the funniest, Mel Brooks movie there is, yet it absolutely functions as the best drunken movie to watch. Easy to follow plot, lots of dumb Star Wars references to laugh at, and John Candy is a half guy, fifty percent dog creature.Best Bit: The great and wise Yoghurt


12) Dazed and also Confused

Why Watch It?: It"s a nostalgic fuelled expedition with sex, drugs and also rock n" roll. The "plot" is basically a bunch of children going to a party, and will probably make you feel mischievous. Lock up any kind of paddles or sticks you can have actually lying around.Best Bit: Stoner conspiracy theories



13) Babsence Dynamite

Why Watch It?: Taking Blaxploitation to brand-new levels of inappropriate hilarity. This is conveniently the the majority of ridiculous cop movie ever made, via kung fu, moustaches and babes aplenty.Best Bit: Ninja Island


14) Billy Madison

Why Watch It?: Arguably the finest Adam Sandler comedy from his heyday, this is one of the the majority of 90"s movies you"ll ever before view. It would never be made now, so it"s as funny to watch as it is to see what we once considered "comedy"Best Bit: Steve Buscemi



15) Ghostbusters

Why Watch It?: Since you"ve viewed this film a million times (more than likely, you much better have) so you do not need to pay attention to remain on track. That, and Bill Murray. All of Bill Murray.Best Bit: The Slimer capture


16) Batmale Returns

Why Watch It?: Any of the Burton/Schumacher Batguy movies job-related right here bereason they"re so cartoony. If you deserve to stomach Batmale and Robin, you can uncover it hilarious while drunk. If the original does not seem as well serious, it might be a much better watch. But Returns straddles the line of funny and also awesome nicely, through great set-pieces to zone in and also out of.Best Bit: The march of the Penguin"s penguins



17) Friday

Why Watch It?: It"s a film around 2 guys who spend their day doing beside nopoint and acquiring high. It badepend goes anywhere as a story, and it"s stupidly funny.Best Bit: "You ain"t gained no sugar?! Daaaammn!"


18) Mortal Kombat

Why Watch It?: A glorious combination of action, silliness and also 90"s nostalgia. It also plays out choose a playthrough of the game, with simply one fight after an additional, so it"s simple to dip in and also out of while you and your mates attempt to flying kick each other.Best Bit: "Those were 500 dollar sunglasses, asshole."



19) Wild Child

Why Watch It?: It"s silly, girly and mindless. Girls deserve to relate and also laugh. Guys can"t relate, however can laugh anyway.Best Bit: Malibu Moment!


20) Military Of Darkness

Why Watch It?: The Evil Dead Movies are excellent for their singular comedy set-pieces (favor Ash wrestling with his possessed hand), but Military of Darkness is consistently ridiculous, through plenty of methods for you to go "...wait, what? When did that happen?"Best Bit: Tiny little minions attack Ash



21) Hot Rod

Why Watch It?: It"s the story of an amateur stunt-male, trying and failing to execute ridiculous stunts. Needless to say, he gets hurt. A lot.Best Bit: Rage dancing and also falling off massive cliffs


22) Piprices Of The Carribean

Why Watch It?: It"s a great movie, yet a small tough to follow. So why watch it? Easy: Jack Sparrow.Best Bit: Jack Sparrow fights Will Turner in the blacksmiths.



23) Super Troopers

Why Watch It?: If you were a cop against your wishes and also must discover a means to make your life more bearable, this is basically how you"d pass your time. Ala lot of as many epic quotes as Anchorman also.Best Bit: Meow. Pull over meow.


24) Beavis and also Butt-Head Do America

Why Watch It: Due to the fact that, hehehe, heehhehehehe, hehehehe, hehehehehehe, You said cock-pit.Best Bit: The Great Cornholio



25) Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Why Watch It?: The original is a solid movie, via a good plot. As such, not a great drunken movie. The sequel, on the other hand also, is just simple insane. Excessive comedy, and also OTT set-pieces. Exactly what you desire.Best Bit: The Gremlins attack the science lab


26) Animal House

Why Watch It?: Because it is the perfect college movie and also perfectly shows what is happening in your drunken life ideal currently. Also, the 80"s, the best decade for movies.Best Bit: Toga, Toga, Toga, Toga!



27) Typical Girls

Why Watch It?: Due to the fact that it has been quoted so damn a lot at this stage, you don"t even need to be aware what"s happening to appreciate this movie!Best Bit: Meeting the Plastics for the first time


28) Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Why Watch It?: Another one for the nostalgia factor, this movie is favor slipping right into a heated blanket. It additionally has an significant, criminally underrated, soundtrack that functions really well to soothe your drunken mind.Best Bit: Toon Town



29) Austin Powers: Internationwide Man Of Mystery

Why Watch It?: Due to the fact that if you"ve seen a bond movie, you do not have to recognize what"s going on. And hearing Austin Powers yell "Yeeeaaah, Baby!" is likely to acquire everyone began yelling it.Best Bit: Dr. Evil"s boy has Daddy issues.


30) Deep Blue Sea

Why Watch It?: As awful movies go, this is pretty freaking destructive. Bad acting is just good to laugh at, and also sharks, well....sharks and also drunkenness simply go hand-in-hand. Movie sharks, that is.Best Bit: Sam L Jackson"s sudden demise.



31) The Room

Why Watch It?: It"s.....so........awful! :)Best Bit: "You are tearing me acomponent, Lisa!"


32) Easy A

Why Watch It?: Like Average Girls, Easy A is simply a great movie for dipping in and also out of, picking up quotes here and tbelow. And seeing Emma Stone in a drunken haze, that"s gotta be excellent. For guys and girls.Best Bit: Pocket full of sunshine!



33) Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Why Watch It?: Our feeling of humour is hardly sophisticated when we gain drunk. We tfinish to laugh at funny words and silly accents a lot even more than we would usually. This movie was made for, and also by, world with that long-term sense of humour.Best Bit: The Outrrrraaageous French Accents


34) Scrooged

Why Watch It?: If it"s coming up to Christmas, you may need to gain into the soul through a drunken Christmas movie. Because everyone knows the story of a Christmas Carol (mostly from the Muppets) little bit attention needs to be paid, except when Bill Murray is being hilarious.Best Bit: It"s a TOASTER!



35) Starship Troopers

Why Watch It?: Action Movies usually do not occupational as drunk movies. But when they"re this ridiculous, exceptions have to be made.Best Bit: The hugely unimportant shower scene


36) Shaun Of The Dead

Why Watch It?: Since even if you"re drunk, the subliminal message of exactly how to survive a zombie apocalypse might actually sink in.Best Bit: "That was the second document I ever before bought!"



37) Spice World

Why Watch It?: If you ever before essential a factor to spark off an impromptu 90"s disco, this film is will certainly more than likely do the trick. Putting on the greatest hits CD would certainly more than likely execute just also, yet then you"d miss out on...Best Bit: The bus driver is Meat Loaf


38) Waynes World 1 & 2

Why Watch It?: Both films are just around partying, being silly, and also rock music. Also offers solid advice on how to start your very own TV show.Best Bit: Bohemian Rhapsody



39) 16 Candles

Why Watch It?: Since Molly Ringwald is adorable and also this is likewise a great movie to spur on bitching around human being you do not favor.Best Bit: "Am I turning you on?"


40) Scott Pilgrim Versus The World

Why Watch It?: If you watch this a few times sober, you start to realise that tright here is alongside no plot, and also it"s just a mass of pop culture/video game referrals, mashed in through fight scenes and also comedy. Perfect drunken viewing.Best Bit: "I"m in lesbians with you"



41) South Park: Bigger Longer And Uncut

Why Watch It?: It"s a foul-mouthed musical about swearing and Cartman gets electrocuted around a million times in it.Best Bit: The V-chip


42) School Of Rock

Why Watch It?: Nopoint relocate quick in this film, so a lot of it is just people talking inappropriately in a classroom, punctuated via awesome music and also band references.Best Bit: Jack Black meeting the kids for the initially time.



43) The Blues Brothers

Why Watch It?: There aren"t many kind of musicals that will certainly make you desire to physically obtain up and dance, yet if any of them has actually a opportunity of doing it, it"s the Blues Brothers.Best Bit: Minnie the Moocher


44) Zoolander

Why Watch It?: The just point funnier than watching this film is watching this film, zoning out, and then trying to remember why Ben Stiller is providing himself a wedgie.Best Bit: The Underground Catwalk



45) Tropic Thunder

Why Watch It?: A combination of quotes, mindless action and slapstick comedy. Like Rambo for human being with short attention spans.Best Bit: Robert Downey Jr."s character. All of it.


46) Jackass The Movie

Why Watch It?: People doing ridiculously stupid points, getting hurt and eating disgusting things? There"s also a warning not to attempt this at house, perfect viewing material for drunkards.Best Bit: The Finale.



47) Pineapple Express

Why Watch It?: This is a step-by-action overview on how not to have a drug expedition. Needmuch less to say, it"s hilarious.Best Bit: The Car Chase


48) Van Wilder

Why Watch It?: It"s a modern(-ish) version of Animal House.Best Bit: The eclairs



49) The Hangover

Why Watch It?: Aside from being an excellent comedy, it"s a sly reminder of what your hangover is probably going to be choose the next day.

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Best Bit: The Mike Tyboy cameo


50) The Nightmare Before Christmas

Why Watch It?: Another Christmas drunken movie, it has actually epic songs, a basic to follow plot, and ticks the nostalgia element in terms of both movies and for a time once you believed in Santa. Which breaks through all drunken barriers.Best Bit: "What"s this? What"s this? There"s colour everywhere!"


51) Old School

Why Watch It?: The last of the Animal House clones, this one has actually an extremely Judd Apatow spin on it, and also, again, nearly no plot to soptimal of, which renders it easier to follow.Best Bit: The old man fight



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