The question most girls want answers to is, "What does taking it slow mean to a guy?" This assumption is valid because guys and girls interpret taking relationships slowly in different ways.

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If a guy mentions that he wants to take things slow, a woman instantly gets agitated because she feels the man has lost interest in the relationship and wants to leave. On the contrary, his intentions may be relatively different from her perception.

We created this article to carefully interpret the reasons why men would want to "take it slow" when it comes to a relationship. If your partner has ever made this statement, here are some of its possible meanings to you.


1 21 Possible Meanings Of Taking It Slow

21 Possible Meanings Of Taking It Slow

1. He wants to take his time

If anyone suggests taking things slow, the primary reason for this decision is to take their time with something. Similarly, when a man decides that he wants the relationship to go slower, it merely means that he wants to take his time with you. This decision could be based on several other reasons but doesn"t put his commitment up for questioning.

If a partner is concerned about his association with you, it means he cares about you, which is a positive sign. Your next step should be to find out his grounds for the decision and see if you can contribute to his cause in any way.

2. He"s afraid he can"t meet your needs


People feel they might kill the excitement of a new relationship when they rush experiences. If both parties do activities far too often, they may become routines that they take for granted later on. Therefore, a guy might suggest taking things slow to keep every occasion fresh and exciting.

He would preferably plan fantastic date nights every weekend than go out with you every night. This action is to prevent both of you from getting accustomed to the excitement each outing brings. Taking things slow would also mean holding off on some activities while dating to build up the exhilaration.

7. He cherishes friendships

Many people look for deeper meanings in their relationships. A guy may want a partner and a companion while dating because his thoughts tell him it would make the association more genuine. Thus, he would focus more on building a connection and developing a friendship than merely starting the relationship.

If he suggests that he wants to take it slow, it could mean that he wants you to be his companion first to guarantee a long-lasting association. He wants to know you intimately because he thinks it will help him be a better man for you. In other words, he cares about you and doesn"t want to lose you to anything.

8. He is afraid of letting his guard down

The turmoil of the past can sometimes prevent people from opening up or moving on. If a person were hurt before, they"d think that others might do the same thing and prefer to seclude their emotions. A partner may decide to take things at a slow pace because he"s afraid of being vulnerable in the relationship.

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If you sense he"s not letting his guard down, you should give him space to get accustomed to you. Putting pressure on him would only push him further away, so it"s crucial to make him see comfort in your presence. He"ll warm up to you eventually with that.