The guy behind the viral meme “You recognize I had actually to do it to em” was arrested a couple of months ago and has actually started a GoFundMe page to recoup fees and also perhaps sue the police. Over the weekend, Lucky Luciano—as he is well-known on social sites—tweeted a link to his GoFundMe web page, which has actually a goal of elevating $7,000. Right now, it has actually raised simply under $200.

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The page outlines his factors for needing the money:

I freshly obtained arrested over BS. I was adhered to, stalked and also detained unlawcompletely by officers that found trying to ruin my life. They uncovered this funny, ammaking use of and also tormented me the entire time. I sat in jail and also was provided no bond, my charges were upped dishonestly, and slapped with a bunch of prices. I am making this GoFundMe for the sole function of legal expenses, court fees, bail money, the majority of importantly trying to hire a lawyer and also suing the policemans for the unfairness and also horrible actions that was shown versus me. Anything helps and you are exceptionally much appreciated. Thank you all!

According to a report from the Hillsbostormy County Sheriff’s Office in Tampa, Florida, the 21-year-old was arrested on May 12 on drug possession charges and was released on June 1.

If you require aid remembering that this male is, take a look at the photo listed below. (If it doesn’t look acquainted, you more than likely spend a healthy and balanced amount of time on the internet.)

luckylucianok17k via Kcurrently Your Meme

The meme well-known as “You recognize I had actually to perform it to em” started to show up anywhere the internet in 2016. It was based upon a photo that Lucky posted on Twitter in 2014. The tweet mirrors him dressed in a button-up shirt and light-colored shorts and is accompanied by the subtitle, “You understand I had to execute it to em”. There was no explanation of who “em” was, nor what he had actually to carry out to them or why.

The tweet basically sat about till July 1, 2016, when Twitter user named 
ExhelonWinter reposted the photo with a new inscription that read: “Young thug is so gay, I listen to genuine hip hop. You understand G Eazy? When its dark out lowcrucial a classic bro.”

From tright here, the meme took off via world producing all sorts of variations.


lujgi vie Know Your Meme

Now it appears the guy from the meme is back—and he’s trying to use his internet fame to raise money. In a video clip posted to YouTube, he is visibly restraining his eactivities while informing the story of his arrest. He additionally assures to start marketing merchandise.

Neither the GoFundMe page nor the video point out any kind of charges. Adding to the confusion, the header image on the GoFundMe web page is just a picture of what shows up to be a loaf of banana nut bcheck out.


lujgi vie Kcurrently Your Meme

Most world went via the obvious response.

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He ultimately did it to em

— brick (
devantitty) July 29, 2018

He did it to em

— Chase Doggie (
Chase_Doggie) July 30, 2018

You recognize I had to donate to em

— King of Hearts (
anthony77242) July 30, 2018

Will the public rally to his side? Will he get a slice of banana nut bread? We’ve got to out to Lucky for a comment, and also we’ll keep you posted.