Brett Favre sassist the lesboy in toughness that he got from his father assisted him excel as an NFL quarterback.Scott Heckel/The Canton Repository through AP

From Canton to Cooperstown to Springarea, the Hall of Fame honors the elite in footround, baseround, and also basketsphere. And on induction day, heartfelt speeches are provided, frequently to thank those most prominent to the inductees.

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While some speeches take a more major tone, just around all of them are certain to encompass a knee-slapper or 2. But, choose athletes, some Hall of Fame speeches simply increase over the remainder.

And here are the finest, including the one by Brett Favre in 2016.


Wtransform Payton (1993)

Speech summary: Payton talked around just how footround is a team game and that it takes everyone on the team to make a Hevery one of Famer. He was emotional as he apologized to his wife and also children for not always being tright here for them while he was playing and shelp he was encouraged to make certain their resides would constantly be happy and also fulfilled. He finished his speech by saying that everyone is a function version in our lives, whether positive or negative, and also that we have the right to learn something from everyone. He was introduced by his 12-year-old son Jarrett, the youngest presenter ever.

Memorable quote: "I am going to cshed by saying life is brief, it is oh so sweet. There are a lot of civilization that we satisfy as we walk via these hallowed halls, however the things that intend the a lot of are the friendships that you meet and take along with you."

Funniest line: "When I was thriving up, I was the baby, and once they had actually to clean the house on Saturdays and do things once Mom saw job-related and sassist, "I want this home clean once I acquire ago," hey, I was the baby, I didn"t have to do that. So these men beat me up. That"s the factor why I had the moves that I did, bereason once you have actually an angry sister and also angry brvarious other chasing you with a broom and also a wet dish rag, you tend to pick up moves you never before had actually prior to."

Deion Sanders (2011)

Speech summary: Sanders thanked everyone from his previous coaches to Jerry Jones to Snoop Dogg and also Ice Cube. He described how much footsphere taught him, consisting of just how to be a male. His speech was a poignant tribute to his mommy, the impetus for "Prime Time" and also his drive for whatever he did on the field. He shelp that he was inspired to make sufficient money so that his mommy would certainly never before have to occupational aget.

Memorable quote: "I don"t know if you figured it out by currently, but I simply offered you Prime. I just gave you the formula in who was really standing prior to you bereason I was trick or dealing with, and also it wasn"t also Halloween. Due to the fact that all the points that you really believed I was, and also some of the things you didn"t favor, you didn"t love, you didn"t want to accept, I was doing it for my mama."

Funniest line: "And I sassist, "Mama" -- bereason I was worn down of seeing her go to job-related and come house all exhausted -- I sassist, "I"m going to be rich at some point. Mama, I"m going to make the majority of money, and you will certainly never have to work-related one more day of your life." My mama sassist, "That"s fine, yet until then, you get that lawnmower and also go out tright here and cut that grass.""

Shannon Sharpe (2011)

Speech summary: Sharpe dedicated a huge percent of his speech to his older brvarious other, Sterling, also saying he hoped the Hall voters would certainly take into consideration his achievements following time they voted. Sharpe additionally talked a lot around his grandmother and grandpa elevating him and just how much they meant to him. He said that thriving up poor drove him to want to have the ability to provide a much better life for his family, and also that determicountry, dedication and discipline were vital.

Memorable quote: "My big brother, Sterling, I"m the only player of 267 males that"s walked through this building to my left that can honestly say this: I"m the just pro football player that"s in the Hall of Fame, and I"m the second-ideal player in my own household."

Funniest line: "John had never before heard of Shannon Sharpe or Savannah State, but not just did he take on me, he determined me as his go-to man. In my initially game starting at tight finish, they put me in activity the whole game. As I would certainly motion past John, he would turn about and tell me what I had to carry out -- block the finish, block the linebacker, run the out, run a corner. We won the game. I"m standing on the sideline, and also I can see John walking toward me. Instead of being angry and also upcollection with me, he walks up to me and also he says, "I think following week we have to learn the plays." Thanks, John, for teaching me how to be a pro."

Curtis Martin (2012)

Speech summary: Martin spoke around his challenging childhood and also how he was so grateful to his mommy for all the sacrifices she produced him. He admitted that he never really wanted to play football but kbrand-new that he was playing for a bigger purpose than himself. He said that it"s not what you accomplish that matters the the majority of, yet the perkid you come to be that is most necessary.

Memorable quote: "No, you"re laughing, but this is the truth. I turned roughly and said, "I don"t want to play footsphere. I do not even understand that I choose footround enough to attempt to make a career out of it." My pastor at the moment was a male by the name of Leroy Joseph, and also I"m so glad he was tbelow to talk some sense into me. He says, "Curtis, look at it this way, male." He shelp, "Maybe football is simply somepoint that God is providing you to do all those wonderful things that you say you desire to perform for various other civilization." I tell you, it was choose a light bulb came on in my head. That became my connection with football. I don"t know if he wouldn"t have sassist that to me if footsphere would have gotten out of me what it got out of me. I certainly wouldn"t be standing right here. And ever before given that he shelp that, I knew the only means I was going to be effective at this game dubbed football was if I played for a purpose that was bigger than the game itself, because I knew that the love for the game just wasn"t in my heart."

Funniest line: "We"re playing the Raiders at some point. My fullbacks kbrand-new the rule was if you see me lying on the ground bereason I typically pop ideal ago up after I obtain hurt; if you see me laying on the ground, I"m most likely dazed or knocked out or something. Come pick me up and shake me. So we"re playing the Raiders and I obtain hit downfield. I pop up, but I realize everything is black. I"m choose, oh, my gosh. I"m sort of knocked out. So I"m trying to hold on to people. I lastly make my means ago to the huddle. I"m standing in the huddle for a while, and I simply have my hands on my hip. The male transforms about and also he says, "What are you doing?" And I, prefer, looked aobtain. I remained in the Raiders" huddle. I assumed that I was just, I believed that it was just babsence because I hadn"t involved yet. But I remained in the Raiders" huddle."

Brett Favre (2016)

Speech summary: Favre thanked all of his household members, coaches and also teammates, paying many compliments to his wife, Deanna, that introduced him. He explained that his reason for wanting to make the Hall of Fame was to honor his father and also acexpertise exactly how essential he remained in his life. Favre sassist exactly how a lot he loved playing footround and that he didn"t have actually any type of regrets.

Memorable quote: "So a brand-new goal had actually entered into my mind then and there, and also I sassist to myself, "I will certainly make it to the Hevery one of Fame; that I would certainly make it to the Hevery one of Fame so I could acknowledge the reality of how essential he was." This is tougher than any kind of third-and-15, I can ascertain you. So I might acknowledge the prestige of him and also in my career and also my life, which he was a remarkable part of my life. He taught me toughness. Boy, did he teach me toughness. Trust me, there was no room for crybabies in our home. He taught me cooperation, and by all means no player was ever before even more essential than the team. ... So then and tright here in that minute on that airplane, I was established for selfish factors to obtain to this point to acknowledge how vital he was. I would not be right here before you now without my father. There is no doubt whatsoever before."

Funniest line: "My mother-in-law who for 33, 34 years has been by much my best fan. I have actually never before thrown an interception that has actually been my fault, according to my mother-in-regulation, Ann."

Honorable Mention: Michael Irvin (2007); Mike Ditka (1988); Mike Singletary (1998); Joe Montana (2000); John Elway (2004); Jerry Rice (2010); Cris Carter (2013); Jerome Bettis (2015); LaDainian Tomlinson (2017)


Ted Williams (1966)

Speech summary: Williams is recognized for advocating for Negro League players to be contained in the Hall of Fame in the time of his speech. He spoke around exactly how tough work-related, not luck, leads to success. He additionally reflected on just how fortunate he was to play the biggest game and the game he loved -- baseround.

Memorable quote: "I hope that one day the names of Satchel Paige and also Josh Gibboy in some way can be added as a symbol of the excellent Negro players that are not here just because they were not given the possibility."

Funniest line: "I"m awtotally glad to be through him on his huge day. I additionally understand I"ll lose a dear friend if I do not stop talking "cause I know I"m eating right into his time."

Bob Uecker (2003)

Speech summary: Uecker combined in plenty of jokes, informing his story from birth to ending up being a baseball player to making a career in the Brewers" broadactors booth. He poked fun at whatever from his .200 career batting average to establishing a record for passed balls. Although he was honored for his broadspreading career, he joked that he should have actually gotten in the Hall for his accomplishments as a player.

Memorable quote: "And to all of you basesphere fans approximately America and any kind of area else, for your letters, your thoughts, your kindness, for every one of these years, it"s been an excellent run, yet No. 1 has always been baseround for me. No issue what else I ever before did, basesphere was the just method I ever before wanted to go."

Funniest line: "I did not have a lot of ability as a kid, and my dad wanted me to have whatever that everybody else had. I think the first thing that he ever bought me was a footround. And I was extremely young. He didn"t know a lot around it, he came from the old country. I expect, we tried to pass it and throw it and kick it, and we couldn"t do it. And it was incredibly discouraging for him and also for me. Althe majority of, we practically quit. And ultimately we had actually a nice sufficient neighbor came over and also put some air in it, and what a distinction."

Dennis Eckersley (2004)

Speech summary: Eckersley provided an emotional speech, talking about overcoming alcohol addiction and also his demons and thanking those that aided him along his journey. He additionally reminisced around how he took pleasure in playing at iconic stadiums like Fenmeans Park and also Wrigley Field.

Memorable quote: "I knew I had involved a crossroadways in my life. With the grace of God, I gained sober and also I saved my life. I was a brand-new man, a renewed guy. It took a great deal of acceptance to involved terms through being an alcoholic, yet acceptance was the key to my sobriety. If I had actually not gained acceptance at that time in my life, I would not be standing below this particular day. My career would certainly not have actually taken me this much."

Funniest line: "There"s no location favor Wrigley Field. Great location to hit. Bad place to pitch. I mean, I even hit 3 residence runs at Wrigley Field, tell me about it."

Ricessential Henderkid (2009)

Speech summary: Henderson talked around exactly how his dream was originally to play footround for the Raiders, saying he was "tricked" right into obtaining out of bed with doughnuts and also warm chocolate to go play baseball. He likewise shelp his high institution counselor motivated him to play baseball, promising him a quarter for each hit, run scored or stolen base. Henderboy thanked everyone, including his minor league coach that helped him develop his baserunning and sliding skills, and also shelp he was exceptionally humbbrought about be entering the Hall.

Memorable quote: "When you think of me, I would certainly favor you to remember that child from the inner city that played the game via all his heart and also never before took the game for granted. Thanks everyone right here for making my dream come true this particular day."

Funniest line: "As a son flourishing up in Oakland, my heroes were Jackie Robinboy, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Reggie Jackchild. What around that Reggie Jackson? I stand out on the ballpark in the parking lot waiting for Reggie Jackkid to provide me a autograph. Reggie supplied to come out all the moment and I"d say, "Reggie, deserve to I have a autograph?" He would certainly pass me a pen with his name on it. He never provided me a autograph."

Ken Griffey Jr. (2016)

Speech summary: Griffey thanked all the members of his family individually and also paid a touching tribute to his dad, noting some of the father-boy tasks they achieved, including hitting back-to-ago residence runs. He talked about being a 19-year-old in the majors surrounded by renowned players that were choose substantial brothers to him and who took care of him. Griffey concluded by saying that also if he made it look basic, he functioned tough and also that he was very proud to be a Mariner.

Memorable quote: "To my dad, who taught me just how to play this game, however even more importantly he taught me how to be a guy. How to job-related tough, how to look at yourself in the mirror each and eexceptionally day, and not to concern around what other people are doing. See, basesphere didn"t come basic for him. He was the 29th-round pick and had actually to choose between footround and also baseround. And wbelow he"s from in Donora, Pennsylvania, footsphere is king. But I was born 5 months after his senior year, and he decided to play baseround to provide for his household, bereason that"s what guys carry out. And I love you for that."

Funniest line: "Trey (Griffey"s son), you"re my little bit male, my companion in crime. And someday, sitting tright here on the couch, you took a bat and also hit the TV. And your mother gained mad at you and then obtained mad at me and also asked me why I was not mad, and I sassist, "Girl, you can"t teach that swing." So I gained up and also bought a brand-new TV."

Honorable mention: Kirby Puckett (2001); Hank Aaron (1982); Billy Williams (1987); Tommy Lasorda (1997); Ryne Sandberg (2005); Cal Ripken Jr. (2007); Andre Dawson (2010); Pudge Rodriguez (2017); Bert Blyleven (2011)


Michael Jordan (2009)

Speech summary: This speech is renowned for a couple of unorthodox factors. The tamong the speech was more competitive than your typical Hevery one of Fame speech, as Jordan thorough some testy events with coaches and front-office personnel (namely former Bulls GM Jerry Krause) in which he was "correct." It also was the resource of the "Crying Jordan meme," which has been provided on social media incessantly over the past few years.

Memorable quote: " sassist, "Organizations win championships." I sassist, "I didn"t watch establishments playing through the flu in Utah, I didn"t watch them playing through a negative ankle." Granted, I think organizations put together groups, yet at the finish of the day, the team hregarding go out and also play."

Funniest line: "Bryon Rusoffer came over to me and said, "You know what, man, why"d you quit? Why"d you quit? You understand I might guard you. If I ever checked out you in a pair of shorts, if I ever see you in a pair of shorts." ... So when I chose to come ago in 1995 and also we played Utah in "96, I"m at the center circle and Bryon Russell is sitting next to me, and I look over to Bryon and I sassist, "Do you remember this conversation in 1994, or once you shelp, "I think I have the right to guard you, I think I deserve to shut you down, and I would love to play against you? Well, you"re about to get your possibility.""

Dennis Rodmale (2011)

Speech summary: Emotion fueled Rodguy during his playing career, so it was no surpincrease that his Hall of Fame speech was emotional and also scattered at times. Rodguy linked thanks to teammates and also coaches in his career to being hard on himself for many of the options he made, repenting to his mother, wife and also kids for not being a far better child, husband also and also father. Rodman used his honor to aid get closure on some points in his life.

Memorable quote: "You recognize, I might have actually been anywhere in the human being. I might have actually been dead. I can have been a drug dealer. I can have actually been homeless -- I was homeless. And most you males below that"s been right here and also most you males right here in the Hall of Fame recognize what I"m talking about; living in the projects and trying to get out of the projects and also, ah, I did that. But, but it took most work and also most bumps -- bumps in the road."

Funniest line: "Phil Jackboy asked me to concerned Jerry Krause"s house and also he asked me, he sassist, "Dennis, you understand, we"d choose you to come play, yet you gotta do one point for me, you gotta go right into the kitchen and tell Scottie Pippen you"re sorry." I shelp, "You recognize what? OK, I"ll do that." So he asked me one more question: "Dennis, would certainly you prefer to be a Chicearlier Bull? I sassist, my specific words were, "I don"t provide a damn." And Phil Jackson shelp, "Welinvolved the Chicearlier Bulls.""

Reggie Miller (2012)

Speech summary: Knvery own for being brash during his 18-year career via the Pacers, Miller was rather humble in his speech, as he went out of his method to credit his teammates and coaches, in addition to being gracious towards enemies. Miller likewise went out of his way to praise his household, particularly older sister Cheryl Miller -- a Hevery one of Famer herself and also who is well-known as one of the top woguys to ever before play basketball.

Memorable quote: "There"s one lady that deserves the biggest recognition, most likely, of everyone regarding why I"m right here. Cheryl, you"ve ... a lot of human being wish that they can be in a home with the best of anypoint. I just so taken place to live across the hall from absolutely, positively, the best women"s basketround player ever before. I am proud to say that I"m not on this stage if it wasn"t for you, Cheryl."

Funniest line: "Greg Anthony, my compadre on NBA TV, I do not understand if he"s here or not, however I"m certain he"ll get word of this. I gotta say it; in 1995, as you saw in the video, yeah, I puburned. I"m sorry. The ref didn"t call it, I went with it. Like Magic says, "By any implies vital." So I apologize. I"ve never sassist that publicly. So, Greg, I shoved you and also maintained you down."

Allen Iverkid (2016)

Speech summary: He wasn"t talking around exercise, male. Iverkid yielded a memorable Hall of Fame speech, thanking everyone from his household to his coaches to his teammates to the fans -- and musicians Notorious B.I.G., Redman, Jadakiss, Tupac Shakur and Michael Jackchild. Iverson"s speech had actually it all, and he delivered his address with compassion and also humor as he took the audience on a trip with his entire life. The focus was intended to be on him for his accomplishments in basketround, but he made it about everyone else and also exactly how they assisted gain him wbelow he is.

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Memorable quote: "You want to be quick prefer Isiah and also you want to shoot like Bird, you understand, rebound choose Barkley, pass like Magic, be dominant prefer Shaq ... yet, guy, I wanted to be like Mike."

Funniest line: "I remember the initially time I played against him , and also um, I walked out on the court and also I looked at him, and also for the first time in my life a humale being didn"t look real to me. ... I don"t know if y"all watching "Chappelle"s Show," but he talked around a particular incident where he watched, somebody seen Rick James, and, choose, I literally checked out his aura. Like, it looked like he was glowing, and I"m sitting there and also I"m saying to myself, favor, "Man, that"s Mike." And I"m looking at him, and I can not soptimal looking at him, like, I"m looking at his shoes, and also I"m like, "Man, he obtained on the Jordans.""

Shaquille O"Neal (2016)

Speech summary: Humor was the prevailing template in Shaq"s speech. O"Neal flamelted his famed grin throughout, joking about his Buick commercial wbelow he had actually $3 million factors to find a method to squeeze himself right into the seat of the auto and additionally thanking family, teammates, coaches, fans and also NBA commissioners while giving playful jabs along the means.