Has tbelow ever before been a song that has stopped you in your tracks? Brought you to tears? I recognize tbelow are alot of songs with good beats that we hear which make us soptimal and dance. What about a song that provides you stop and also worship? For me, this was among those songs. I was driving and listening to Prayer 102.5 and Until I Pass Out (by Uncle Reece) came on. By the finish of this song, I was literally waving my hands in the air and also tears were rolling dvery own my challenge. I love his honesty in this song. I might tell by his voice he was a young male but I felt his passion for Jesus throughout this song which made it also even more one-of-a-kind. It was my instant favorite.

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This morning I was at my desk, working 

and also listening to Praise 102.5 aget. During a commercial I heard this song in the background and also felt myself around to go in then they turned it off. WHAT! So, I went to YouTube to listen to the song and up comes the video. I didn’t recognize there was one. I continue to watch and also obtain caught up all over aget. I have my very own office but my door stays open, so I am certain my co-employees heard me sing (loudly) “WE GO HARD IN THE PAINT! WE WORRRSHHIP!”

I promise once I heard this song I didn’t recognize what HARD IN THE PAINT MEANT! So I looked it up.

Hard in the paintThis refers, literally, to the paint on the floor of the basketball court; even more specifically the paint under the hoop.

Hard in the paint To strategy a trouble, obstacle, or challenge with supreme confidence of success via a commitment to usage all infrastructure available to one’s self to accomplish a goal.

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The term has etymological roots in the basketround parlance that defines an effort to score in the crowded and also extremely disputed area straight under and immediately adjacent to the elevated hoop on a basketsphere court, or “painted” location. Shot attempts in this area are traditionally just successful when made through a solid conviction to score, ability, overpowering toughness, or a combination thereof (i.e. “going hard”).

Ok. So now I recognize He’s going tough via his worship for Jesus!

My favorite line is:

If you pertained to laugh at somebody you can go ahead and laugh at meSince why your steady laughing I’m dancing off shackles and also being setFreeSee I may look like money yet you don’t understand what I’ve been throughAnd I’m still going through some of it so dancing is somepoint that I got to do

So many kind of times civilization don’t worship in their truth because they are worried that world are looking or that someone will laugh. I have been guilty of this myself. But periodically you simply need to go for what you know and offer God the glory. Let them laugh, let them look, let them allude yet like he states – HE is being collection FREE and Jesus is the ONLY ONE that conserved my soul! Cshed your eyes – block them out and GO HARD IN THE PAINT & WORSHIP! God has actually been SO good to me and also if you sit ago and reflect on your blessing, how can you not worship!