Harley Davidkid and also the Marlboro Man is a TV program that debuted in 1970 . Harley Davidchild and the Marlboro Man completed its run in 1970.

It features Jere Henshaw as producer, Basil Poledouris in charge of musical score, and also David Eggby as head of cinematography.

Harley Davidkid and also the Marlboro Man is taped in English and also initially aired in USA. Each episode of Harley Davidkid and also the Marlboro Man is 98 minutes lengthy. Harley Davidchild and also the Marlboro Man is distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The cast includes: Miccrucial Rourke as Harley Davidkid, Don Johnson as Marlboro, Branscombe Richmond as Big Indian, Giancarlo Esposito as Jimmy Jiles, Chelsea Field as Virginia Slim, Daniel Baldwin as Alexander, and also Kelly Hu as Suzie.

Harley Davidboy and also the Marlboro Man Quotes

Chelsea Field as Virginia Slim

Don Johnchild as Marlboro

(Don Johnson) "I hate this fucking town." (Micvital Rourke) "Hey, guy, you don"t recognize anything about this city." (Don Johnson) "I grew up below, you dumb bastard." (Mickey Rourke) "I didn"t recognize that." (Don Johnson) "Yeah, well, what you don"t know is a lot." (Mickey Rourke) "You intend to tell me that real cowboys; I expect shit-kicking rodeo cowboys; come from Vegas?" (Don Johnson) "A few of the best. Perhaps even ONE of the best." (Don Johnson) "My old male told me, before he left this shitty world, the ideal woman can make ya, and the wrong woguy can break ya." (Don Johnson) "You shot me Harley., You fucking shot me., I can not think you shot me." (Don Johnson) "He"s gonna take my girl, I"m gonna take his bike." (Don Johnson) "Lay off my boots Harley., I"m in no fucking mood." (Don Johnson) "You understand, my old man told me before he left this shitty people that tright here would certainly be blue-bellied chicken shit bastards choose you out there." (Don Johnson) "My old man told me, before he left this shitty world, never before chase boffers or woguys, you"ll always be left behind." (Guard) "Who are you guys?" (Don Johnson) "Well, he"s Harley Davidson, and I"m the Marlboro Man." (Guard) "You look choose a bunch of two-little bit hoods to me." (Mickey Rourke) "Now does that look like the work-related of two-little bit hoods?" (Guard) "Yeah. Pros would"ve offered my secrets." (Micessential Rourke) "Well, he likes to blow points up." (Don Johnson) "My old guy used to tell me before he left this shitty civilization, 5 rules of playing pool for cash. Lesboy #1, always shoot via a cigarette in your mouth." (Branscombe Richmond) "Can"t smoke with no fire, asshole." (Don Johnson) "I quit., Lesson #2, always know the table before you shoot." (Don Johnson) "Lesboy #3, make certain you chalk that stick -- REAL GOOD -- prior to each swarm." (Don Johnson) "Leschild #4, never make a bet -- if you can"t pay the debt." (Don Johnson) "Leskid #5, if you shed, make sure you stand also up right and also tall." (Don Johnson) "that corner -- prefer a man" (Don Johnson) "School"s out boys." (Branscombe Richmond) "You much better acquire out of tvery own, cowboy -- before my cord breaks." (Don Johnson) "I"m excellent to go, as shortly as I have five significant bills in my pocket -- and your womale in my bed." (Branscombe Richmond) "Well I ain"t obtained no $500 cowboy, and there"s no means in hell you"re bedding down my woman." (Don Johnson) "Squeeze the trigger, do not yank it, it"s not your dick."

Micessential Rourke as Harley Davidchild

(Micvital Rourke) "You recognize, if I had actually a nickel for eincredibly time some piece of shit pointed a gun at me I"d be a wealthy male." (Micvital Rourke) "I can take care of the bike, but I can"t take care of the bitch." (Micvital Rourke) "Looks prefer you jumped on the wrong steed there cowboy. In case you didn"t alert, you"re the just cowboy in this location." (Branscombe Richmond) "He ain"t a cowboy, he"s even more favor a pretty boy." (Micessential Rourke) "We"re gonna jump." (Don Johnson) "Are you out of your fuckin" mind?" (Micvital Rourke) "C"mon, it"s the just means." (Don Johnson) "Uh-uh." (Micvital Rourke) "You"re gonna acquire shot up here." (Don Johnson) "Well, you"re gonna get squashed dvery own there." (Micvital Rourke) "I"d quite be squashed than shot." (Don Johnson) "Not me." (Micvital Rourke) "Fine, then." (Micessential Rourke) "I owe you that." (Don Johnson) "I hate you for this -- I fuckin" hate you for this." (Don Johnson) "I HATE YOU HARLEY -- Oh shit." (Mickey Rourke) "Some rush, eh?" (Miccrucial Rourke) "How does it feel to be an old man?" (Don Johnson) "The older the bull, the stiffer the horn." (Mickey Rourke) "It"s better to be dead and cool, than alive and uncool."

Giancarlo Esposito as Jimmy Jiles

(Giancarlo Esposito) "Jack, the deal is, YOU LOSE.

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You don"t tear the guy"s arm out of the socket."

Kelly Hu as Suzie

(Kelly Hu) "Hey mister -- What"s your name?" (Mickey Rourke) "Harley. Harley Davidboy."

Daniel Baldwin as Alexander

(Daniel Baldwin) "Judging from the information we gathered, they"re dilettantes." (Daniel Baldwin) "You boys are great -- for dilettantes."

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