Harrikid Ford dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to talk around his latest hit movie, 42, but Kimmel couldn’t stand up to asking the legendary actor around his involvement in one more buzzed-around task, the hotly anticipated brand-nmuzic-ivan.info Star Wars movie. When Ford decreased to answer, Kimmel asked if he could turn the questions over to the audience, which the bristly star agreed to on one problem – no Star Wars inquiries.

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Things were instantly awkward, through audience members dressed as Luke Skywalker and also Princess Leia forced to think rapid and also pose non-Star Wars questions, yet the Q&A took a brutal turn as soon as Ford’s furry former co-star Chmuzic-ivan.infobacca stepped as much as the mic.

“You son of a b**ch, what execute you want?” Ford roared from the stage. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you? Almeans trying to blame me. You’re the one that couldn’t keep it in your furry pants!”

When Kimmel added that “he doesn’t wear pants,” Ford responded, “I rest my case!”

Kimmel tried to get to the root of the pair’s falling-out, but all Ford would certainly say was, “He knows what he did. She was my wife, you Wookie sack of s**t!”

Not long after, Ford asserted, “I’m outta here!” and also stormed out of the studio. On his way out, he available a parting believed for Chmuzic-ivan.infoie: “And you, I’ll see you in hell!”

They much better smooth points over fast: Disney has big plans for its franchise reboot of Star Wars. Things begin in summer 2015, once J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars: Episode VII arrives. The following two installments in the planned trilogy will certainly be released in 2017 and 2019. Between the brand-nmuzic-ivan.info installments, the studio plans to release spin-off movies focused on assorted characters from the Star Wars world.



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