In 1997 Will Smith released his album Big Willie Layout. Before you judge me, I was young sheesh. The album was decent, and tright here are a couple of songs I will listen to eincredibly once in a while. Music is so vital in my life, and also I frequently uncover little nuggets from songs. So, this Truth Tuesday I’m telling you about the nugobtain I found in Will Smith’s song “Just the Two of Us”. Towards the finish of the song Will states, throughout life people will certainly make you mad, disrespect you and also treat you bad. Let God address the things they perform, ’cause hate in your heart will consume you also.

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We’re all humans, and that suggests we’re made of flesh and bones combined with a ton of eactivities. Sometimes we gain captured up in our flesh and also emotions, but the key is not to be consumed by them. I deserve to respeak to plenty of times once I’ve felt wronged by an additional perkid. I’ll also admit some of those times I organized a grudge, and harbored ill feeling towards someone. If I’m being completely hoswarm, some of those points were my fault. But for the times once I was really wronged, I had actually the horrible halittle of letting hate consume me. And if I’m being REALLY honest, that hate would certainly some times be extremely thick and recurring.

Listening to that song the other day (don’t ask me why I did lol), made me reflect on exactly how true those words are and exactly how I used to be that perkid. So, exactly how did I learn not to let hate consume my heart? Tright here were two things that assisted me adjust.

The initially one is, I prospered up! Sounds easy, but we all deserve to attest that some times development is challenging. As I grew my usage of my emotions did also. It was easier to live in the positive emovements than the negative ones. Don’t obtain me wrong, I still visit the negative ones from time to time, but my time tright here is never much longer what my weekender bag have the right to manage.

The second point I’ve learned is actions change your mood/feelings/vibes. There provided to be a girl that truly functioned my nerves. I would talk to my mom about it, and she sassist eexceptionally time she bothers you perform something nice for her. I assumed my mommy was nuts, yet it turned out to work-related prefer a charm. She began to sfrequently, and I obtained all the feels while doing an excellent deed for someone also if it was initiated from negativity. All that mattered was in the finish hate was no much longer consuming my heart.

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I do many great deeds, and the majority of of them come from a positive location. Although I have the right to admit some are birthed from me grabbing my weekender bag and also visiting negativity for a second. With the state of our nation I think many of us have to take the advice of my mother and perform a good deed when you’re challenged through hatred. One small gesture deserve to lead to something powerful. As corny as it could sound, try to constantly spcheck out love! When you’re vibrating at a greater frequency you have no time or area for hate!

Until following time loves…


After reading this, I’ve pertained to the conclusion that I require some self work lol I ssuggest can’t constantly be nice to people that aren’t nice to me. Sometimes world are just that bitter wbelow not even kindness deserve to aid. I was never before a perkid that sought revenge or anypoint prefer that though. I simply didn’t think specific individuals were deserving of my kindness. I wouldn’t bother them unmuch less they bothered me. Lately, though, I’ve simply been cutting negativity out of my life, period. Dealing is not an choice for me anyeven more.