Am I progressively damaging my engine if I leave the ignition on for as well long? Well, it relies on the type of automobile you drive and just how regularly you perform this.

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Tbelow is no reason to put or leave the automobile in “ignition” while the engine is began already. However before, there’s need to know what happens if you organize the ignition as well lengthy.

In this post, we are going to touch numerous aspects regarding “ignition” and also “founding a automobile.” Just sit tight and review up.

First, lets’ look at what happens if you organize the ignition as well long!

What Happens If You Hold The Ignition Too Long?


When you leave the essential in the “Start” place for some time, even after the engine has started, you will certainly not most likely damage any kind of device in the automobile.

However before, this activity affects the “starter motor,” which dwellings a mechanical overrunning clutch that transmits torque in a solitary direction.

This clutch that passes torque in one direction powers the motor to start your engine by rotating the flywheel. Thus, as soon as the automobile is left on “start” or “ignition” for some time, the “starter motor” keeps acquiring charged/power to spin openly, and also if organized also lengthy, the motor might overwarmth.

Also, it is necessary to note that the moment you rotate your car vital to “begin,” a equipment pushes forth to accomplish the teeth on the external ring of the flywheel; this relocate is to spin the flywheel.

Thus, after the automobile is started and also you still organize the vital in “start,” the gear that moved to the flywheel’s teeth will certainly store engaging, and this is poor.

While the gear keeps engaging, it deserve to maybe damages its teeth or that of the flywheel. Simply put, there’d be a tiny little bit of comactivity as soon as the ignition is on for a long time. You will hear a cracking sound for this action.

So, as soon as you hold the ignition as well long, you are ssuggest inviting major damages that could cost you the majority of money. The damages might be on your flywheel, solenoid, the gear, or any type of various other component around the starter motor bay.

However, in some contemporary cars (equipped through electronic ignition and fuel injection), this action won’t cause any type of known harm to the automobile.

Things to note and also watch out for

When you begin to hear a cranking sound, revolve off the vehicle, and you revolve it back on, perform not leave it at ignition for as well lengthy.Flywheel expenses very high. If the teeth are damaged, you will have to relocation the flywheel completely.Most automobile manuals indicate that you leave the vital at “start” for a maximum of 10 seconds. When you generally overlook this time limit, it may reason significant damage over time.


Just as leaving your vehicle as well long without founding it have the right to be dangerous, leaving the car in “ignition” for as well lengthy is dangerous, as well. Here, we have actually defined what happens if you hold the ignition also long.

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If this is not somepoint you commonly do, then it’s not a difficulty, but if you generally execute this, it’s obvious that you’re calling on potential expensive damages. Almeans be mindful how you run your auto engine; it is your car’s powerhouse and have to be used cautiously.