Heute nimmt Jonathan die junge Sara Higgins unter seine Fittiche. Zusamguys mit ihrem verbitterten Vater Tim Higgins führt sie ein sehr zurückgezogenes Leben. Die Mutter, eine bekannte Country-Sängerin, gilt als verstorben. Sara möchte nur zu gern in deren Fußstapfen treten; sie fiebert einem großen Talentwettbewerb entgegen. Gaststar des Abends ist eine etwas heruntergekommene Sängerin namens Patsy Maynard.

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The guys' latest assignment is reunite a broken household. Evelyn Higgins left her husband also Tim and baby daughter Sarah looking for a career in music and Tim never before forprovided her for it, even going as much as informing their daughter that her mother has passed away. Evelyn had actually a relatively successful career after changing her name to Patsy Maynard, yet guilt and also sorrow over her past life have led her to end up being a lush and a has-been that can only get gigs playing tiny honkey-tonk bars. She is set to play one such location appropriate outside her old hometown and her daughter eagerly comes to view her, having no concept that the singer is her mother. Sarah shares her mother's love of music and wants to be a experienced country singer, versus the wishes of her father that fears shedding his daughter the very same method he lost his wife.Jonathan and also Mark go to job-related in the bar/casino wbelow Patsy sings. Thstormy a little investigative occupational, Mark discovers that the owner of the place is a crook that is rigging eextremely game. Jonathan fi

Jonathan et Mark aident Sara, une jeune adolescente, à devenir chanteusage de musique country

Deutsch English français español
Runtime 45 minutes Content Rating USA of America TV-PG

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Name Type Role
Clifton James Guest Star
J.S. 'Joe' Young Guest Star
Jerry Hardin Guest Star
Chip Johnson Guest Star
Ronee Blakley Guest Star
Joan Kjar Guest Star
Michele Greene Guest Star
Victor French Director
Mary Ann Kasica Director
Michael Scheff Director