Grassroots company Humanity for Hillary produced the #ThisIsWhatMyRevoultionLooksLike clip to promote electing even more womales into public office.

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Lena Dunham, Uzo Aduba, Rosie Perez and a organize of other actors filmed a video clip sustaining Hillary Clinton and highlighting the have to elect more women to public office.

Grassroots organization Humanity for Hillary released the video Monday, titling the social media campaign #ThisIsWhatMyRevolutionLooksLike. The video never before mentions the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee by name, but talks around the prominence of voting and having the federal government more very closely resemble the sex breakdvery own of America.

“This is what my revolution looks choose,” claims Dunham in the video, as Natasha Lyonne, Lea DeLariaand also Rosie Perezsuggest to themselves and also say “This.”

“It looks like woguys lastly having a seat at the table, at the HEAD of the table,” states Dunham. Uzo Adubapoints out that women comprised 53% of all voters in the last election, and yet only comprise 19.4% of Congress. “What the f—?” asks Aduba.

The actors, poets and also artists explain what their revolution looks prefer, emphasizing equal pay, paid family members leave, protecting the ideal to pick and having more womales in leadership functions. “Join our radvancement,” implores Aduba.

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The video was composed and also directed by Humanity for Hillary co-founder Laura Dawn.

“As a 13-year veteran and also passionate member of the steady motion, I was aghast to watch decades-old false assaults on Hillary Clinton echoed by young progressives,” sassist Dawn in a statement. “I researched eexceptionally single strike on the former Secretary and emerged more confident than ever that she absolutely deserves to be the first womale president of this country. I think that Hillary Clinton will certainly be a great president, and also electing her is a paradigm shifting act that will certainly foster brand-new levels of womales running for office and winning.”

Dunham sassist, “I participated in this video because this is the many important election of our lifetime, and also I believe that electing even more womales is a true revolutionary activity. If youthink in equality for womales,LGTBQ, people of shade and immigrants then tright here is only one option this November—Hillary Clinton.”