Which institutional reresource is closest and the majority of loyal to the president?a. Executive Office of the President (EOP)b. White House staffc. armed forcesd. National Security Council
Historically, vice presidential candidates have regularly been favored to __________.a. assist collection the president"s agendab. mentor the presidentc. placate a symbolic constituencyd. ensure that the president"s party will certainly have actually a great possibility of winning the following presidential election
​What does the Twenty-second Amendment do?a. calls for that pinhabitants be natural-born citizensb. boundaries the president"s regards to officec. calls for the president to be a resident of the United Statesd. needs the president to be at leastern 35 years old
Why carry out poccupants attempt to acquire support for their campaigns instead of ssuggest enacting their policy priorities outright? a. bereason Congress cannot debate regulation without approval from the presidentb. because the Constitution does not give the president any kind of powers to affect public policyc. bereason the Constitution creates a system of common powersd. because the president has actually diminishing power over the course of his or her administration
Which presidential power is checked by compelled approval of the Senate through a two-thirds vote? a. extending diplomatic acknowledgment to international governmentsb. terminating relations through other nationsc. negotiating treaties via other nationsd. negotiating executive agreements through international heads of state
What has to happen in Congress in order for the president to be impeached and also removed from office? a. The Housage should impeach the president by a simple majority; the Supreme Court should convict with a two-thirds vote.b. The Senate should impeach the president by a simple majority; the Housage must convict with a two-thirds vote.c. The Housage must impeach the president by a basic majority; the Senate have to convict through a two-thirds majority.d. The Supreme Court should impeach the president through a straightforward majority; the chief justice presides over a Senate trial that should convict with a two-thirds majority.

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​Which presidential function consists of the State of the Union address? a. head of stateb. commander in chiefc. chief executived. chief legislator
Which of the following is a lot of likely to constitute an impeachable offense? a. a president playing a game of poker in the White Houseb. a president supporting an unwell-known policyc. a president"s decision to attack a country solely to boost his or her public supportd. a president"s strategy of encouraging interest teams to push Congress to pass a bill
How did the expectations for the vice presidency change starting with Wtransform Mondale? a. Pcitizens are more likely to use their vice pinhabitants as close policy advisers.b. Vice poccupants started to preside over the Senate.c. Poccupants are even more likely to select ideologically moderate vice poccupants to expand their electdental appeal.d. Vice presidents started taking the lead in the budgeting process.
​Which of the following is an example of a "rally event" as it relates to public approval of the president? a. George H. W. Bush"s reelection after the Gulf Warb. Richard Nixon"s approval ratings during Watergatec. George W. Bush"s surge in popularity after the 9/11 terrorist attacksd. Ronald Reagan"s decision to seek a second term
The use of __________ in international matters is an instance of the president acting as a chief diplomat. a. pocket vetoesb. executive privilegec. executive agreementsd. signing statements
Which ideal explains a president"s constitutional duty to Congress? a. The president should give Congress an occasional upday on the state of the union.b. The president must have actually at least one cabinet member of the opposing party.c. The president should keep party assistance in Congress.d. The president should increate Congress of the thinking behind a veto.
Which is one reason why the power and also obligation of the presidency has actually increased? a. The presidents" usage of the line-item veto has boosted their power over the Congress.b. The budgets for government agencies have reduced, leaving more responsibility to the president.c. Modern presidents have to exercise powers as commander in chief, while earlier pinhabitants did not.d. The USA has enhanced its prominence on the human being phase.
Amerideserve to pinhabitants have actually a selection of backgrounds. Who was the only political scientist to end up being president? a. Woodrow Wilsonb. Warren G. Hardingc. Thomas Jeffersond. John Kennedy
Which of the following reviews potential legislative proposals suggested by executive agencies and assesses their budgetary implications? a. secretary of the treasuryb. Office of Management and also Budgetc. secretary of commerced. chief of staff
Which of the following statements around presidential approval is accurate?a. George W. Bush preserved a high approval rating throughout his presidency.b. Bill Clinton"s approval rating wtoo over 90 percent during his initially term.c. Barack Obama"s approval rating was lower in 2012 than as soon as he took office.d. Ronald Reagan"s approval rating was never higher than 50 percent.
An __________ is the perception that the voters strongly support the president and his or her policies. a. electdental mandateb. approval ratingc. executive orderd. executive agreement
Which of the adhering to is a group of 15 presidential advisers that is too big, varied, and also concerned through individual fiefdoms to effectively serve as a collective board of directors, leaving ultimate decision-making authority via the president? a. the White House staffb. the Executive Office of the Presidentc. the chiefs of staffd. the cabinet
Which of the following is a arsenal of executive branch officials that aid the president, yet who additionally fulfill duties required by legislation and also are therefore restricted in the level of their loyalty to the president? a. the White Housage staffb. the Executive Office of the Presidentc. the chiefs of staffd. the Court of Executive Assistants
​The president"s chief of staff and press secretary are members of which group? a. White House staffb. Office of Administrationc. the cabinetd. Executive Office of the President
When can citizens be particularly involved about an growth of presidential power?a. in times of relative tranquility and also prosperityb. in times of economic crisisc. in the time of presidential election yearsd. once they oppose the president"s agenda
Which statement around the news is mainly true? a. The news is regularly framed in themes that simplify the issues and also administer continuity from story to story.b. Tright here is a focus on the positive as soon as covering the president and a focus on the negative when covering Congress and also the Supreme Court.c. The broadactors media counts specifically on facts and stays clear of speculation, also if it suggests sitting on a major story until the indevelopment can be showed.d. Cable news programs current detailed coverage of political occasions from a balanced ideological perspective so regarding tempt the a lot of viewers. -- Consider This: Many cable news programs are criticized because of a lack of detailed coverage and a raising focus on ideologically-thrust programming.
In which way execute modern pcitizens differ from the original intentions of the Framers? a. Modern presidents are considerably much less democratic than the Framers initially intfinished.b. Modern presidents have actually significantly much less power as leaders of their political parties than the Framers originally intended.c. Modern poccupants are much even more significant in the legislative procedure than the Framers originally intended.d. Modern pcitizens are even more subservient to the will of Congress than the Framers initially intended.
Why does the perception of an electdental manday issue in presidential politics? a. It helps to rise the president"s legislative acumales.b. It renders it harder for pinhabitants to gain their legislative agenda enacted by Congress.c. It offers legitimacy and also credibility to a freshly elected president"s proposals.d. It enables the president to manage the administration.

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In which capacity have current vice pinhabitants been particularly influential in American politics? a. as an adviser in the policymaking processb. as a leader of the cabinetc. as a lead negotiator for executive agreementsd. as presiding officer of the Senate
​Which defines somepoint that Barack Obama did that led to his movie critics to charge that he has become as well powerful? a. He establimelted the Department of Homeland also Security.b. He proposed redeveloping Social Security and also immigration policy.c. He used drones to kill terrorist suspects, some of whom were Amerideserve to citizens.d. He offered his veto power more than any various other president.
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