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The Ol" Razzle Dazzle likewise well-known by the much longer expression "Give Em" The Ol" Razzle Dazzle", describes a catchexpression offered in picture macros highlighting imperiods of miscellaneous personalities that seem to be percreating a dance regimen. Often the images depict the subject via among their legs outextended.


While the term "razzle dazzle" has been coined considering that the 1950"s,<1> the the majority of most likely beginning of the meme is from the award-winning 2002 musical film Chicago (a remake of the 1975 theater musical of the exact same name) wbelow a song titled "Razzle Dazzle" featured bold, flashy dance sequences and the certain lyric, "Give em" the ol" razzle dazzle."<2>


The phrase started seeing use especially on photographs of animals that appear to be dancing in the early 2010s. One of the earliest known articles to usage the phrase was posted to Funnyjunk<3> on March 17th, 2010. It featured a cat photoshopped to show up as though it was wearing a hat and also tap shoes (displayed below).


In the following years, the caption was included to a number of imeras that featured characters dancing. For example a renowned Tumblr write-up that circulated in the fall of 2014 featuring a sad Pepe the Frog dancing had actually the caption, obtaining over 167,000 notes (presented below, left).<4> On September 5th, 2014, a version developed in Madden Giferator was posted to Tumblr<5> by user Cautionlazer and was offered as the cover picture in an Uproxx<6> short article on the meme (presented listed below, right).

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The Razzle Dazzle Bird

The Razzle Dazzle Bird refers to an image of a bird extending its leg out in the direction of a body of water. It has actually been supplied in an image macro series in which the bird and also the water are labeled different things. The picture obtained mainstream attention on July 18th, 2017, Twitter user
catesish posted the photo to Twitter and captioned it "the ol razzle dazzle", getting over 85,000 retweets and also 218,000 likes (displayed below).