tienes en olviperform Hmmmmm Hmmmmm Hmmmmm HmmmmmHmmmmm Hmmmmm Hmmmmm HmmmmmTenemos un camino, el dinero y la familiaLa calle es tranquila pero de noche

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Girl dont lie, HmmmmmGirl dont lie, HmmmmmGirl dont lie I know you want this dick Girl dont lie, HmmmmmSo quit playing and also come and also obtain this

(Han, hey hey hey...)On partage le même kankanOn partage la même gayanceHmm-mmmOn a le même penchantOn a la même dépendanceEncore un autre

drugs)HmmmmmIf dem violate mi kill that now (Now now)HmmmmmmGirls and money and also drugs (Drugs drugs)HmmmmmEvil rifle wid di rifle betta run (Run run)

Hmmmmm yeahHmmmmmHmmmmm yeahHmmmmm yeahIt’s all about us appropriate nowIt’s all around us best nowIt’s all around usAll about usAll about us appropriate

wanted muchBut respect and also trustWe goThrough thisLyingExcusesWhy doI beg youTreat meLike I treat you HmmmmmAhAh Ah Ah Ah Ah HmmmmmAhAh


gumbodiHmmmmmWhoa-o-ohhhh yeahHmm-mmmWhat if it happens to beThat you outta my leagueWould you let me showThat i can love you for genuine my frifinish

HmmmmmHmmmmmHmmmmmHmmmmmmmmm hm hmmmmmHmm hmmm hmmm hmmmmmmmHmm hmmm hm hm hm hmmmmmHm hm hmmm hmm hmmmmmmm

that you will stay for a while (For a while)But I"m a small tiredHmmmmmHmmmmmHmmmmmHmmHmmmmmHmmmmmHmmmmmHmmmmmHmmHmmmmmI desire to recognize if

OhhhhhhhhHmmmmmOhhhhhhhhHmmmmmI"m feeling high as soon as I"m lowI need it even more when you"re cshed to me, close to meClose to meClose to meClose

Hmmm-mmHmmm-mmHmmm-mmHmmm-mmI check out something going onThe people is swiftly changingI view so a lot death aroundInnocent world dyingMy eyes?

Hmmm-mmCheck out the roof goneThis here a new songI require my tooth goldThese ain"t no couponsSalad wit croutonsAll of my brand-new hoesCalling my brand-new phone

HmmmmmHmmmmmHmmmmmHmmm HmmAnd I simply cant ripAmethod from thisTook manage of my brainAnd now I’m constantly thinkingAbout makin it painmuch less

umutima wanjyeNgwinoMaso yinyana mazi ya teke eehNgwino ngwino HmmmmmNgwino weWarashe umutima wanjyeNgwinoMaso yinyana mazi ya teke eehNgwino ngwino

(Hmmmmm, Jesu, Yawa have to go, E have to go).Today today today yawa have to go, E have to go wather dem favor am or dem no choose am, E must go, Yawa must go.

disco hace calorHmmmmm... hace calor en las nochesReunión de el desamor puedes besar a quien se te antojeY en la disco hace calorHmmmmm... hace calor

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Fifty fiftyThat"s a vibeI"m on my wayLet the ops know that we coming hmmmmmTell em bitches that we fineThey shouldn"t worry we gon make it