Last night on Home Town seachild 2, Ben and Erin help Adam and also Lily discover a brand-new residence with more space for them and their 2 little bit girls. Their wish list had things like a large backyard and also a studio for Adam to work in. They are both really artsy people, Adam is actually a professional artist. Erin is super excited to acquire began on this job. Their budobtain is $200,000.

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The first residence they take a look at is the Eakid House and also it’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom residence with 1800 square feet of living area. It is detailed at $110,000. It additionally sits on seven acres of land, yet the house is really plain, however Erin tells them that they can deal with that. Tbelow is a garage in the back that has an excellent room for a studio. The inside demands new paint and also some brand-new floors. Erin also plans on adding some wainscoting to include some character to the room. The kitchen needs to be updated. The understand bedroom and also bathroom need some updating and the backyard has actually a big pool earlier tbelow too. The renovation for this house is going to run around $83,000, but they have room in their budobtain.

The second house is in town and it’s the Stringfellow Housage. This home is a four bedroom, 2 bathroom residence through 2500 square feet. This residence is noted at simply $115,000. It looks prefer an old barn via a weird enhancement on it. The exterior requirements most work, however Erin’s watercolor really speaks to them. The addition is the perfect for Adam’s art studio because of all the herbal light inside it. The yard is really pretty and quite spacious. The renovations in this house will certainly complete around $85,000 which will carry it to their budget.

After taking some time to think around it, Adam and also Lily chose to go via the Eachild Housage and also this is what it looked favor prior to Ben, Erin and also their team obtain into it:

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It’s demo day in the Eachild residence. The demo is going pretty smoothly, till Ben notices that the structure has actually been cut into for plumbing. They are going to need to rejob-related the plumbing and also add some concrete work to their to-perform list. On the other hand, they are taking the firearea out, which is just an electric firelocation through a popup mantle surrounding it. It wasn’t attached at all. The island in the kitchen, same thing, they were able to pick it up and also carry it out.

There is an old shed in the back and also Ben has some principles for the lumber used to build it. He is going to usage some of it in the home and the rest, he is going to build them a chicken coop with. Adam and Lily discussed wanting chickens as soon as they called Ben and also Erin through their decision on which residence they wanted.

Adam and also Lily had actually some really cool looking pieces of a door frame from India. They are really chunky via a really neat carving in them and also Erin has actually the principle of making a headboard for their bed via them. Ben tells her that he has actually some hardwood from the old burned that they can usage as a filler. After the headboard is put together, Ben starts functioning on transcreating an old youngsters playresidence right into a chicken coop.

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The brand-new island also is in and also the respond to tops are being mounted. The walls and counters are incredibly neutral in the home bereason Erin plans on decorating it through some really bbest colored art and decor. After this, we get a look at a job that Ben is working on to surprise Erin via. He tells us that on Mother’s Day he discovered out that Erin was pregnant with their initially son. He is structure a really beautiful crib for their daughter. When he brings her to the shop to present her, she totally blown ameans by this.

Back at the house, they are putting the nesting boxes in the new chicken coop and doing some repairs to the exterior of it also. After that, Ben and his males put the headboard into the understand bedroom and the art starts getting put up. Erin starts placing the decor in because the adhering to day is move it day! The house has actually come out amazing! Here is what the residence looked prefer once they were finished!