I have simply been edited my write-up sentence by someone.The original sentence is favor "If he right, would please let me recognize more and precisely how can I expect to use that?" And edited sentence is favor this "If the answer given to me is right, might someone please let me recognize more specifically exactly how I can use breakpoints in Makefile?"

I have some question around which one is correct sentence?

1.How deserve to I use that ~ .2.How I can usage that ~ .

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I did not acquire your question fully, yet I think you are puzzled via the structure of a question - How deserve to I Vs. How I have the right to. I"m answering that way.

When asking a question, the pronouns must be complied with by an (auxiliary) verb. So, the framework in general is - What/How/Which and so on + verb + pronoun

A basic instance is -

What have the right to you do for me?

If you reverse the order, the expression continues to be a sentence and also not a question.

What you deserve to carry out for me is unknown.

The last sentence is not a question.

So, in your situation,

How have the right to I use ? forms a question

and also...

How I can use forms a sentence.

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answered Oct 10 "14 at 5:23

Maulik VMaulik V
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tbelow are 2 examples to assist you learn about this.

"just how can i":How deserve to I love myself as soon as I look like this?

"how i can":Can you present me how I can take care of this camera?

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answered Mar 2 "18 at 13:25

Lee LeslieLee Leslie
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In your case, it"s an instraight question. So, the correct create will certainly be how I can because your question is started with could, so no need to create the second question via how can I in the very same sentence.

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