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Beowulf Study Guide - Teacher"s KeyQuick AnswerWrite your response to the concerns in this section on the lines provided. 1. How have the right to you tell that Beowulf is a legendary hero?He is larger than life and also is remembered in tales from lengthy earlier.

2. In Beowulf, what does the poet expect when he says that the monster’s “thoughts were as quick as his greed or his claws”?

He indicates that the monster thinks exceptionally easily.

3. What facet of Beowulf’s fight via Grendel tells you that Beowulf is honorable?

He refsupplies to use tools bereason Grendel supplies none.

4. Beowulf gives Wiglaf his gold necklace. What does this gesture mean? Exsimple.

The gift suggests that Beowulf is making Wiglaf the ruler of Geatland also, bereason the necklace is the symbol of his management.

5. In Beowulf, the poet says that the warriors, fighting Grendel, are “trying to open/A path for his evil soul”. What is the poet saying?

He is saying that the warriors are trying to kill Grendel.

6. In the Venn diagram below, compare and contrast the personalities of Beowulf and also Wiglaf. Write their differences in the components of the circles that execute not overlap. Write their similarities in the components of the circles that overlap.

The overlapping circles have to show that both males are great warriors, have actually royal blood, inherited wide range, are brave, loyal, and also honorable, are leaders, and believe in God and fate. Differences may incorporate that Beowulf is older and is a greater lord than Wiglaf.

7. How does the watchman’s opinion of Beowulf in lines 158-165 illustrate the warrior’s role as a legendary hero?

The watchguy sees Beowulf as confident, hoswarm, and excellent and observes that he carries noble weapons. These things make him seem larger than life, solid, and also self-confident.

8. After Beowulf’s death, the Geats develop a tower to memorialize him. Why is this action ironic?

It is ironic because many of the Geats deserted him in battle

9. What provides solace for the personalities in Beowulf, according to the poet? Focus on the meaning of solace in your response.

Belief in God could carry out comfort and relief for the personalities in Beowulf.

10. Beowulf requests that he alone “purge all evil from this hall.” What does he desire to do?

He wants to cleanse all evil from the hall by killing Grendel.EssayExtended ResponseWrite an extensive response to the question of your option or to the question or inquiries your teacher assigns you. 11. Many people think that Beowulf develops themes that use to life today. Write an essay in which you explain why you agree or disagree via this concept. Describe some of the themes in Beowulf. Then tell whether the themes are crucial to you and define why or why not.Students may say that some of the themes of Beowulf, such as the fight in between excellent and evil, the glory of generous rulers who attempt to assist their world, and the prestige of loyalty and courage, are still necessary. Others may say that the emphasis on physical stamina and violence should not be part of today’s people. They may feel that the fight in between good and also evil is too basic an principle for today’s complicated people. 12. When Grendel fights Beowulf, the reader learns that the monster’s “time had actually come.” What does this principle say about the Danish idea in fate? Write an essay in which you should exactly how the idea in destiny impacts the thoughts and actions of the personalities. Provide examples from Beowulf to assistance your place.Students should usage factors, examples, and also quotations to display the Danes’ acceptance of fate. They may say that Beowulf thought he was destined to fight the monster and embraced the outcome as preestablished. 13. The hero of an epic poem normally embodies the ideals of conduct that are valued by the culture in which the epic was composed. Write an essay in which you show exactly how Beowulf embodies the ideas of Anglo-Saxon society. Mention at leastern four of Beowulf’s virtues, citing the part or components of the epic in which the virtue is shown.Students should cite such virtues as bravery, fairness, responsibility, worry for others, piety, ambition, loyalty, and also knowledge. They need to point to places in the message wbelow Beowulf exhibits the virtues they choose. 14. Thinking About the Big Question: Do writers affect social patterns or simply reflect them? Beowulf’s actions tells readers a lot about the way Anglo-Saxons regarded heroism. In an essay, define whether you think the writer of the occupational intfinished the portrayal of Beowulf as a reflection of the culture’s idea of heroism or as a lesson on exactly how heroes need to behave. Use examples from the poem to support your opinion.

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Some students may feel that Beowulf’s heroism is so excessive that the author must have intended his character to be a leskid on how a hero need to behave. Others may feel that Beowulf’s character reflects the form of legendary hero renowned in typical tales of the moment.