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Those were the opening words of Chris Hardwick on "The Talking Dead," a display devoted to all things "The Walking Dead."

And not to bury the lead: Glenn is basically dead. Glenn, who never eliminated another humale being (say thanks to you Yvette Nicole Brown on "The Talking Dead" for that fun fact), was killed -- and the blame goes to Nicholas. Nicholas is the worst. No RIP for Nicholas.

So yeah, "Thank You," more than likely wasn't the ideal title. I do not "say thanks to you," "The Walking Dead," I execute not "give thanks to you" at all.

The episode picks up appropriate wbelow the season premiere left off (episode 2 occurred about at the very same time as the premiere). The herd of zombies is headed in the direction of Alexandria, lured by a horn (and later, gunfire).

The gang split up. Like any type of good horror movie, everyone decides to break-up up. Rick is going to race back towards the RV to try and aid divert even more Walkers. Glenn and also Michonne were charged with bringing the Alexandrians (including Heath) ago to their city. But Rick made it clear, if the Alexandrians got in the means, Michonne and Glenn need to leave them behind.

Someone died in the initially 3 minutes. Some guy starts out by saying that Rick is the worst. That Rick wasn't going to protect them. And that Rick didn't recognize what he was talking about. Rick left him alone for like 30 seconds and BAM! That guy is dead.

It's eerily similar to what occurred to Carter. Lesboy for seakid 6: Do not doubt Rick. If you carry out, zombies will certainly eat you.

Also a guy in a floppy hat (named Sturgess, evidently) ran amethod. He later on turned up dead. And 3 other personalities, Scott, Annie and also David, also were injured.

Nicholas fessed approximately be a coward. The gang finished up in a town where Nicholas and also Adrian (remember him?) had actually abandoned some of their crew. Nicholas owned approximately his actions, stating it was he that panicked, not the ones who had passed away. Later, he determined to kill a Walker, one who taken place to be one of the people he had actually abandoned before.

Glenn buddied up through Nicholas. Somejust how the gang discovered itself trapped in a pet save and, with so many kind of human being injured, there's no one they'll have the ability to escape via the Walkers right external their door. So, for some odd factor, Glenn and also Nicholas partnered up aacquire. Nopoint great ever happens when these two pair up. Their task: blow up a feed save in an effort to attract the Walkers ameans.

Heath got all judgy. Heath determined to go all passive aggressive on Michonne, talking around exactly how the Alexandrians would never before leave anyone behind (ummmm hello, Nicholas?). Also he tried to tell her he knew what it was favor out there.

"Have you ever before done things that made you feel afraid of yourself afterwards?" she asks him. But it's a rhetorical question. We all know (and also Heath knows) that his experiences execute not compare to the horrors Michonne and also crew have had actually to undergo.

A run for it was made. After two Walkers are discovered in the pet shop, the team kills them. But they fail to perform so quietly, so the horde started racing to gain into the shop.

Nicholas became the worstUnfortunately the plan didn't work-related out so well for Glenn and also Nicholas and the two came to be overwhelmed by Walkers. Standing on optimal of a dumpster, Nicholas couldn't take it anyeven more. He swarm himself and also his succeeding loss also took out Glenn, through both of them ending up in the claws of the Walkers.

Wolves struck. Rick, meanwhile, had made it to the RV. He radio-ed in to see what was up through Glenn, Darryl and also crew. Glenn, of course, did not respond. Darryl and his gang (that had retained via their initial Walker-herding mission (excepting Darryl who drove roughly for a tiny bit prior to rejoining)) were current and also doing their task. Rick then checked out start the truck as soon as he was struck around two Wolves. He regulated to kill them and shoot an additional team trying to sneak right into the RV (putting the majority of bullet holes into the RV in the process). But now the RV won't begin... and the zombies are coming.

Michonne, Heath and Scott make it to Alexandria... however it's a shell of itself. Probably bereason of that totality Wolf strike thing.

So, fellow "Walking Dead" fans. How are you doing? I'm sending you all hugs. We deserve to gain via this.

This story has actually been updated to correct what Glenn was standing on. It was a dumpster. I blame my tears.

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