Whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals, walrprovides,and many other marine pets are mammals, notfish. The marine mammals exist bereason around 50to 60 millions of years earlier, some mammals wanderedoff of the land also and also into the ocean, and also there theyevolved right into different kinds of marine mammals. For whales and also dolphins, their front legs turnedinto flippers. Their ago legs came to be reallytiny, so tiny that you can"t even view them whenyou look at these animals, however they have hind legsstill inside their bodies -- if you check out a skeletonof a whale you can check out it has tiny leg bones nearits tail. Here"s an exciting conversation of thehind legs in whales and dolphins:


Like mammals, whales and dolphins breathe airthrough a pair of lungs, they are warm-blooded,their young drink milk, and also they have actually hair(although incredibly little). The whale is actuallythe closest living relative of the hippopotamus. Here"s some good information on the differencebetween whales and dolphins and also fish:

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Whales are mammals because they provide birth tolive young, they have hair (although it is verysparse on their body), they have actually lungs and also breathair and also they carry out milk for their young.

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You have actually the majority of exciting concerns aboutmarine mammals. Dolphins and also various other whales are allmammals referred to as cetaceans. Mammals, and onlymammals, have hair or hair and they feed theirbabies milk. Whales all feed their babies milk. You may be thinking that whales dont have actually any fur. You are mostly right. They have hair as soon as theyare fetoffers, but shed it before they are born. Afew species have actually whiskers as adults and also whiskersare a form of hair.

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There are specific characteristics that allmammals have actually in widespread. Mammals all arewarm-blooded pets, they breathe air, have actually hair,and moms feed their babies milk from mammaryglands. Whales actually do all of these things!Whales are heat blooded, which implies they keep ahigh body temperature that does not readjust in thecold water. Fish are cold-blooded, so their bodytemperature transforms depending on the temperatureof their environment. Whales actually breathe airvia lungs using their blowholes to breath out!They involved the surconfront of the water so they canbreathe simply choose you and also me. Fish get oxygendirectly from the water via their gills.Whales also have a small little of hair on theirsmooth skin, generally on the height of their head.Fish have actually scales. Whales also give birth to livebaby whales that will certainly get milk from their mom forfood. Fish lay eggs, which need to still grow right into ababy fish. So whales are indeed mammals and notfish!

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Whales are mammals bereason they share thequalities of various other mammals (favor us!).

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Thesecharacteristics incorporate being able to regulatetheir very own body temperature (unlike cold-bloodedpets, like lizards), prospering hair and also producingmilk to feed their young (who are born live, notin eggs). Since of every one of these traits, eventhough whales live in the ocean and also are generallymuch bigger than us, simply prefer world, they aremammals.