With the resulting The Taken King, Bungie has actually readjusted many kind of of the systems it had in location for Destiny"s swath of "Year One" content. Before, there were various kinds of Marks to collect: Vanguard Marks allowed you to purchase Vanguard items and also tools from your corresponding class seller or weapon seller in the Tower, while Crucible Marks were the currency used to purchase distinctive PvP equipment from the Crucible NPCs. But points have actually readjusted, and now whatever falls under an all-brand-new, all-encompassing currency: the Legendary Marks.

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Like the old Crucible and also Vanguard Marks, tbelow are multiple ways to collect Legendary Marks. To make things much easier, here"s a checklist of activities that reward you via priceless Marks:

Disassemble Year 2 Legendary tools and also armor to earn 3 to 5 Legendary MarksComplete Daily Story Chapters to earn 15 Legendary MarksComplete Daily Crucible activities to earn 15 Legendary MarksSome story pursuits reward you with Legendary Marks.

Other points to consider

There"s no limit to just how many kind of Legendary Marks you deserve to earn in a week, however the max number of Legendary Marks you deserve to hold is 200 across every one of your characters.

Your current Vanguard and also Crucible Marks will certainly be exreadjusted for Commendations, which deserve to be provided to earn reputation at your desired Faction seller. Make sure you pack up on the current Vanguard and also Crucible Marks so you have the right to have the maximum variety of Commendations when The Taken King goes live.


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