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Walls Type: Dehowever album
The dehowever album by English singer Louis Tomlinkid, released on 31 January 2020 via Syco Music and also Arista Records. January 3first, 2020   Amazon   iTunes

Walls Type: Single
"Walls" is the fifth and the last single and also the title track from Louis Tomlinson"s upcoming deyet studio album. January 17th, 2020   YouTube   iTunes

Don"t Let It Break Your Heart Type: Single
"Don"t Let It Break Your Heart" is the fourth single from Louis Tomlinson"s deyet studio album. November 23rd, 2019   YouTube   iTunes

We Made It Type: Single
"We Made It" is the third single from Louis Tomlinson"s deyet studio album. October 2fourth, 2019   YouTube   iTunes

Kill My Mind Type: Single
"Kill My Mind" is the second single released by Louis Tomlinson on Arista Records because signing via them in beforehand 2019. September 5th, 2019   YouTube   iTunes

Louis Tomlinkid - WIRED

How to pronounce Louis Tomlinboy name?Well I simply did that for you. Before, well before i was on the XF, all me friends from ago home referred to as me Lewis - I mean my name is Loui-e however they dubbed me Lewis, that’s what I was known as, earlier house. Then on me initially audition Simon dubbed me Louie, and also I wasn’t about to correct him, you know what I mean?

How old is Louis Tomlinson? I’m getting older, feels prefer i’m obtaining older. I’m 27, I am.

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How is Louis Tomlinson?Yeah, I’m doing all appropriate, fanks, I’m doing alappropriate, that’s a random google one. What does google say in response to that, I’d love to know.

How carry out I meet Louis Tomlinson? Come to tour, involved tour, and I’ll fulfill you tright here, hopecompletely.

What’s Louis Tomlinboy favorite food?

I eat many rubbish food, more than likely burgers. I eat the majority of McDonald’s, however in terms of the ultimate burger, it more than likely hregarding be In"N"Out. That is a appropriate burger.

What’s Louis Tomlinkid Zodiac Sign?There’s the majority of talk of this while I’ve been doing promo in America, you men love the zodiac stuff. Capricorn, I am. I was told recently about some of the attributes of the Capricorn, think I might have actually like 2 of eight.What’s Louis Tomlinboy phone number?That is a question I won’t be answering. Me number’s acquired out fairly a couple of times. and also I favor me own privacy, so unfortunately I’m not gonna offer you that.

What kind of dogs does Louis Tomlinkid have?I’ve gained two. I’ve gained a gold doodle and also a labradoodle. Bruce and Cliff. They’re quite various dogs, the 2 of them. Bruce is choose appropriate well behaved, excellent lad, proper favor a pretty dog, you know what i mean? And cliff, he’s massive he’s clumsy, he’s a thief cause you know everyone claims dogs shouldn’t go almost everywhere near cocoa and also i think probably 2 or 3 easters back he stole a complete easter egg, a complete easter egg, which I was worried around but i found out after that as lengthy as they don’t eat their bodyweight in chocolate, you’re albest, so he lives to fight one more day.Is Louis Tomlinchild British?Too right, good to know.

Is Louis Tomlinboy on tour?Not yet, glad you asked. About to go on the road following year. Tickets are on sale, go have actually a look.

Is Louis Tomlinkid a footsphere player?Yeah, me local club Donny Rovers, wbelow I’m from I was lucky sufficient one year, I expect it was a little of a PR thing on tbelow but likewise I’m reasonably decent footround player, they signed me onto the box for a year, I was in the back of the regimen every game day, I acquired a squad number which i’ve got tattooed on me hand also, 28, it was a good time to be roughly.

Is Louis Tomlinboy Vegan?I’m not a Vegan, I mean, in England we’re doing all sorts at the minute, favor vegan saconsumption rolls, which feels prefer a contraction to me, but I’m not a vegan, no, but respect to everyone who is.

What is Louis Tomlinsons favourite color? Red, I love red. Often try to incorpoprice that into pretty much anypoint I do really, creatively and also likewise me football club, Donny Rovers, they play in red so that would be why.

What is Louis Tomlinkid Just Hold On about? You recognize it’s an additional among those songs that’s saying you know regardmuch less what happens in life you just gotta try and also be hopeful, really.

What Is Louis Tomlinsons middle name ? That’ll be an apparent google answer, it’s William. Don’t usage it that regularly, I imagine some of me fans recognize that that’s me middle name, bit of triby means of for you.

What movies has actually Louis Tomlinkid been in?I haven’t remained in a movie other than that One Direction movie, starred in that. When I was really young I did the odd little bit of added work right here and also there, there’s one really tragic clip online of me I think about 14 years old, I don’t have actually a line yet I look petrified.

Who is Louis Tomlinboy best’s friend?Probably me ginger mate, Ollie, goes almost everywhere via me, lives via me the majority of of the moment, hears the songs initially, many of the moment. Went to school via me, I’ve well-known him for 10, 12 years now? Wow

Who is Louis Tomlinchild X-Factor JudgeI was an XF judge, likewise been on the display as a contestant. I was in this band referred to as, One Direction, they were pretty big.

Who’s Louis Tomlinboy Miss You About?Miss You was initially created, I was bouncing in between various parties, all the night life LA hregarding offer, and there was minute wbelow I felt like I was going in addition to enjoying it so much, and that’s kinda what that song is about

Who did Louis Tomlinchild play for?Me Donny Rovers, however if we’re going far earlier, me sunday league team and also regional area was the initially team that I joined, dubbed Tickhill Juniors , I think they’re still going. In fact, I acquired a mildly cheeky e-mail from them pretty freshly asking for some resources. So, I’ll be in touch.Wright here was Louis Tomlinson born?I was born in Doncaster, most likely best area in the human being. If you haven’t been, you must go. Great holidays, absolutely love wbelow I come from, good civilization wbelow I come from, great night out also.

Wright here does Louis Tomlinkid currently live?I live between LA and London, and also additionally attempt to acquire to Doncaster as a lot as I deserve to. Quite a readjust jump. It’s forever warm below in LA, we’re about to acquire to November, and I’m red dot, and also I’m just a true Brit, you know? When it’s Winter, I want cold.Wright here is Louis Tomlinboy appropriate now?Here, doing this bit piece of electronic camera for you!

Where did Louis Tomlinson go to school?In Doncaster tright here was a school dubbed Hayfield School, went there 90% of me institution life. Now I failed my A-Levels and also didn’t have actually me earlier in, which was a little bit unfair of them, so then I visited one more institution for a year and then I’m at the X-Factor.

Where did Louis Tomlinchild audition?I auditioned in Manchester, once did the X-Factor. Basically, long story short, the judges watch hundreds of human being, you know, throughout have many type of days. So I wanted to be the star of the auditions, so I started queuing up at like 4am because I wanted to be one of the first to be viewed, figure I’d have actually a far better opportunity then and also I was ideal.

When was Louis Tomlinchild born?Christmas Eve, 1991. Good times to have actually birthdays, everyone’s in a great mood.

When is Louis Tomlinboy going on tour?My tour starts March next year and also goes all the means to June? July? Super excited to be going on tour, feel prefer I’ve been waiting all me solo career for that moment. So pretty excited around that one.

When Louis Tomlinkid Valerie?I’m imagining you talking around when I began via the band also and obtained on our initially tour and did a cover of Amy Winehouse’s Valerie, probably you’re asking as soon as I’m singing that again and also the answer is I don’t recognize.

When did Louis Tomlinchild percreate JHO?I performed it a couple of times, it comes out off the height of me head 2017. My first performance was at the XF and also I hadn’t done a solo performance on me very own and the XF was constantly a big performance for us as a band also so was great to be ago and do that on my very own was both exciting and nerve-wrecking.

Louis Tomlinson CUTEI’m not making this, Im sure I deserve to read it. Louis Tomlinchild Cute, I don’t recognize exactly how to react to this one other than say ‘Thanks, love’

Louis Tomlinson TattoosThat I have many type of of, quite a few stupid ones. Trying to look which of me latest was, probably this horrible one I gained at the XF. Not even right lines, pretty bad.

Louis Tomlinson eye colorI acquired blue eyes, not gonna lie. Me eyes carry out adjust shade, when I wear a blue height it looks bluer. Planned well this day, however typically, blue

Louis Tomlinchild hairstylesAin’t had actually that many of them to be hocolony. I’ve had actually three in rotation for the previous nine years. What’s pretty funny about me hair though, from being in a band like One Direction, I’ve virtually forgot just how to do my own hair. It’s pretty tragic, innit? I’m lucky to have someone to do me hair, but there’s times wright here I gained a night out and I’m looking at me hair and also reasoning ‘I don’t also know wbelow to start?’ so I simply put a cap on

Louis Tomlinkid One DirectionThat’s the band also I’m in, remained in, whichever way you look at it at, don’t really recognize what else to say around that good time in me life. Hopefully we come earlier.

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Louis Tomlinkid Back To YouYeah, that’s the name of one of me songs. So I assume you bang that right into google and my song will certainly simply pop straight up. Give it a listen if you desire, did it Bebe Rexha, did the music video in Doncaster, wright here I’m from, so again, that’s unique for me.