I have heard the adhering to words in assorted conmessages to describe breasts: seno, pecho, busto, mama, chichi, teta.

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I want to understand what the finer differences in nuances are among their intake while referring to breasts. They cannot all bring exactly the very same connotation. I am not involved around any type of various other definition any kind of of them might carry; for instance, pecho additionally describes a male chest however I am just bothered with its consumption while referring to breasts. What is a indigenous speaker many likely to use while referring to breasts in continuous conversation, and also in what context? How would you rank them in the order of formality?

Please mention your country in case there"s any local specificity to the usage you imply. Latin Amerideserve to or Mexican intake are especially welcome.

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Spain usage:

Words pecho deserve to be considered a specific identical of the English breast; you deserve to use it uncountably (the front part of your thorax) or countably (womales have two of them). It is a neutral word and also have the right to be supplied safely in any context. To breastfeed also equates as dar el pecho.

Seno have the right to have several definitions. It have the right to be your lap, a woman"s womb (seno materno), however likewise each breastern of a woman; in this case, it is a somewhat prudish word.

Busto is used greatly to refer to the basic area of the breasts in a womale. You might use this word, for circumstances, as soon as you are talking about the breastern size in a neutral means, such as in the fashion sector. This likewise refers to the bust of a statue, i.e. the portion consisting of the head and the thorax; for instance, "El busto de Simon Bolivar."

Mama is used as a technological word in medicine or biology. Breastern cancer have the right to be called cáncer de pecho or cáncer de mama, for instance.

Chichi would certainly not suppose breast in Spain; in fact, it is a slang word for vagina. Yes, this intake is exceptionally different from that in various other muzic-ivan.info speaking areas, wbelow it does indeed mean breast.

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Teta have the right to be provided in a selection of conmessages. It is the a lot of usual word for a breast in a colloquial atmosphere and also it is not necessarily derogatory. For circumstances, a breastfeeding infant have the right to be dubbed a niño de teta. In various other muzic-ivan.info speaking nations it deserve to be taken into consideration a vulgar word, but not so in Spain, though it is not usual in a formal conmessage.